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While i have been out of my head...

Well i took a time out of sorts. I steped away from here for 3 weeks. During this time i didn't really do much but think. Some times this is a good thing, some times its a bad thing. I'm not sure what i come up with tho. While it does not make since to any one but me. I have found that I might not be a friend of people like I thought and vice versa. Not saying that i hate them, or that they hate me. I'm saying that we are not as good to each other than we should be. Sadly i don't know how to take and really stop this. After all we are human.

I also have realized that i allow people to run me over and forgive them for it. But i don't know why. A friend contacted me after a few years of not even seeing me or even emailing me. we was good friends. They had taken and hurt me badly, but i will forgive them. Why, time after time they have hurt me but i take and forgive and forget.

i took and tried to do some quizes when i took my time out, had them set up to place in when i decided to come back. I failed that. I will most likely let them rot in the folder they are in on my computer. For some reason i can't seem to do them.


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