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Chili cook off at work...

So there was a chili cook off at work, and 3 people made some up. one person took and made some hot er i mean "HOT" chili. I tried it. Yes it was hot. had a good burn that almost took and burned your eyes when eating it. The problem was the taste of the chili. (you could tell they made the chili and then added the peppers) I took and was tasting it and separating the flavor in my mouth. the burn was of course on top, but the under lying layer was... bland. he had used brisket to for the meat and it was so far cooked down that it was nothing but shreds of meat in liquid. And in the cup and a half of chili i had, i only found around 8 beans. He was using the heat to be his flavor. Sadly this is not how you use hot peppers. It had so much potential to have flavor. I have had some killer beans up at Cindy and Anton's party. They burned your mouth because they are so hot, but they also have flavor. I would love to show the guy that you can use heat and be able to taste the rest of the stuff.


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Feb. 1st, 2009 11:12 pm (UTC)
Amen, bro'. Heat for the sake of heat is pointless. And adding the heat AFTER you do the cooking? Heresy and REALLY pointless. The whole idea is to meld the flavor of the chilis into the whole, not hammer the bland into submission without the meld.
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