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Jul. 20th, 2013

(Danny O'Keefe/Bill Braun)

Jody always was a little different from the others
But I liked his sister and she loved her brother
It was one of those white bread kind of family messes
I'd come over and Jody'd come out in one of her dresses

Jody'd say sometimes he can't decide
If there ever really was a boy inside
He says he ain't that easy livin' in this world
He says somewhere deep down he knows he's a girl

No one gets to get into another's dreams
And all of us are a little different than we seem
The mystery engulfs me, I try to understand
What it means to be neither a woman or a man

Hey, what's so wrong wanting to be
Pretty for you, pretty for me
Be all you are, the best you can be
Shed your cocoon and set yourself free

Tell me Jody
How come you wear your sister's clothes
Pretty hard row to hoe
Tell me Jody
How come you wear your sister's clothes
I really want to know

© Bicameral Songs (BMI)/Slave Tone Music (ASCAP)


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Jul. 21st, 2013 11:31 am (UTC)
kind but sad lyrics
do you have a link to a version of this song as it's sung?

love you always, my friend, and never, ever, be afraid to be who you are, OK?
Jul. 21st, 2013 01:04 pm (UTC)
Re: kind but sad lyrics

Here is a you tube video of this great little tune. Growing up I never did realize why I felt different. I had a twin sister and we was never really treated as boy and girl. I never realized that thoughts and feelings I had was because of me being a guy and feeling female. I'm glad that I figured out a source for a lot of my depression I have lived with a very long time. I'm proud to know who I am finally.

love you as well Parris, thank you for being a good friend for all these years.....
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