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A thought on my mind

I have been ringing up a gentleman in the electronics area for a few years now. He usually buys the same stuff. Cherry cola, and pasta. He would shop, come to the electronics area and wait to be rung up. We have talked over the years. I watched as he hid things from the world. Stuff that I noticed but never mentioned. Because it was not my place to say any thing. I watched his tank top undershirt become a sports bra, and now is a bra. His complection was always smooth, but still had a little stubble. It has slowly went away. He is now starting to work at his job as her self. I'm proud of her, to making steps to becoming who she wants to be.
Some people never will find this joy. They will never know what it is like to finally be able to do that thing that makes them be a whole person. And I'm not just talking changing genders. Thats just a drop in the bucket of what people can do. A blue collar worker could decide to start there own business. A weird looking kid can stand up in front of a crowd and sing for the first time. A person can finally tell there sexual orientation.
So for those people that keep them selves hidden. Never changing things to become what they want to be, I hope you can find that little bit of happieness


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