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You Survived

Congratulations, if you are reading this you survived 2017. Not all of us made it. For those that are no longer with us, you will be missed. Ok, I will not sugar coat this, 2017 was a shit year for a lot of people. A lot of us will go into the new year with scars. Some visible, others not so much. Politics was a number one hot bed this year. It turned people against one another. (tho it brought some together) I watched friendships dissolve because of this topic. The weather caused lots of disasters. Hurricanes, floods, tornados and heat was just some of the things that happened. A lot of people showed true colors this year as well. Some showed they was good, others showed they was bad. I watched people that are "Christians", that always preached that people should help others, turn their backs on people in times of need. I also saw people from many different walks of life come together to help others in need.

Will 2018 be a better year? I hate to say it, but most likely not. We will lose more people. We will see more hurt in the world. I just hope that it is not as bad as it could be. (2018, please don't take it as a challenge) I do have some advice tho. Keep moving forward. Take a few minutes each day to center your self. Remember who you are.
Tails From Ren Fair

Tails From Ren Faire week 3

"My hobby is petting beaver"- girl petting the sheared and plucked beaver

We got notice that the highway we take to get to faire was shut down so we had to go around KC to get on to the road to go out to faire. This meant a short traffic jam. Thanks to a text we was prepared. Thanks to another text we was prepared for the traffic jam at the back parking lot of the faire as a school was doing there run thing in the park and was backed up for a little. Got to faire and helped set up. got to get a few pictures of the booth and Juhdes booth. Then cannon. Normally 3rd weekends are not busy. This Saturday was not a typical 3rd saturday, We was packed. Front parking lot was full. Normally a sprinkling of rain will make the people head to the door, they actually staid. They all staid and bought tails, My area was packed to the gills at times. They was not buying high dollar items tho. Still not a bad day.

Saturday it was hot. So when the rain finally hit on saturday night we took and got to stand under the porch and stick our heads out and let the cool rain hit our heads and get cooled off. It was a wonderful feeling. This also helped get the dust out of our hair. It felt great. The rain also took and helped cool down the faire on sunday. From one extreme to the other. But it did feel good. Only saw a few friends, but it was good to see the ones that stopped by.

I saw lots of different costumes this week end. i must say, some people use things in different ways than i would think. Pop tops from pop cans was used as the decorative trim on a pirate hat. Saw a few furries, i must say the furries i like the best are the ones that are wearing the skull costumes. Cat, or wolf skulls usually. These make me happy. There was a few guys doing female costumes. They did a good job... except one. To him, i give this advice, the young lady with you would be a great person to teach you make up and style tips. Sold a few different things for peoples costumes that they are making for next year. Should be interesting.

In the years our booth has been doing the faire, it is hard to come up with new come backs to the same questions. "Where did this skull come from?" My answer is "right above the neck of the animal". For years we are asked if we sell hats or other stuff that is made. I had a person on sunday ask "Do you sell raccoon hats?" to which I said "I didn't know that raccoons wore hats" they didn't think this was as funny as I did. The bosses liked it tho. Hard to come up with something new after this many years.

Accidents happen. As we was closing up on saturday the bar we hang the tails on in the booth broke. We just kind of stared at it. Then got the stuff off it. Fixed it in the morning, but man that was not some thing we needed. As we closed up i was taking the skulls off the wall, i took the gemsbok off. This is the one with the long horns that go up. I hate these skull. Don't get me wrong, its a wonderful looking skull, the horns are cool looking, i just hate taking it off the wall. Before i go on, i must tell you this. A guy the boss deals with gets stuff from us and gets it to some one else. He took pictures of the skull wall and sent them to her, she asked for certain ones. So these skulls are now sold. Now i know you can see where this is going. Back to the tails in progress. As i was starting to take the skulls off the wall, the second boss joked to not break the ones that was sold. So i am taking the gemsbok off the wall and the horn knocked one of the other skulls off. yep one of the ones that was sold. Thankfully it was not damaged. But man that was a gut wrenching moment.

On saturday night, the rain came and settled the dust. When we got up there was standing water from the neighbors booth to the face painters across the street. So boss 2 took and spent some time digging a ditch and clearing the drain area at the neighbors booth. So the area in front of the booths is not flooded. One of the neighbors came over to barrow the shovel, they was going to fill in the area that was cleared so the water would drain with mulch. We pointed out the fact the area was cleared to drain the water, they said never mind on the shovel then. We just really like to sell stuff and if you have water in front of your booth, no one will shop. Not a good thing.

I had a conversation with the guy at Judhe's booth. We talked about things and the fact that Judhe was thinking of stopping. he told me that there was a person that like them, has been there for a long time. They told Judhe that she could not quit that she was faire. and this hit on the thing that bothered me about all the people that was/is leaving in our area of faire. The others i would miss seeing them, but i would go on. But that one booth, Judhe's booth is her, she is part of faire. Our booth is part of faire. Our product has been used to decorate places all over faire. Some of the actors come and go, people change what they do out there. But there are a few characters that are faire. Madame Red is such a character out there that she is faire. Faire just would not be the same with out her. The same happens in other parts of our lives.

This concludes this weeks tails.
Tails From Ren Fair

Tails From Ren Faire week 2

"i thought it would be bigger"- a guy looking at one of the african antelope skulls

Due to a concert we had to park on the other side of faire. To get a good parking spot we got there early. I was able to just walk t my booth and get there in time to help set up. It was not a bad day, and was able to stop and talk to people. It was an interesting day with a concert going on for half of it. Second boss said he felt sorry for the people at the wharf having the concert playing over them. The music was not good in sound. It was just loud. I have heard that people there said it was a great time, but behind the concert, not so much.

We got visited by Judy Hopps of the Zootopia movie. She picked up one of the rabbit skins and placed it on her head. She joked that it was most likely one of her brother or sisters. lol. There was some other great costumes. I must say, i do enjoy the creativity of the people. Some spend a long time on their costumes. Others, they just take a halloween costume and wear it. But I am glad to see them have fun.

Got to see some friends and family this week end, so glad they was able to stop by.

The boss gifted me with 2 sideshow gaffs. One is a replica of a Jenny Haniver. A Jenny Haniver is a creature, usually using the body of a ray that is then dried and manipulated to become a creature that looks like a devil, angel, or even a dragon. These was made centuries before the fiji mermaid was done. Sailors made extra money by selling them. The first known picture of one was from 1558. The other one i got was a replica of a young cyclopes skull. The boss knows me. :)

I saw one of my regular customers from work on sunday. (Remember, Walmart is my second job, have worked there 26 years, out at faire 30 years or so) He was saying they decided to come out because they had not been there for years. he mentioned it had changed. There is a guy at work that is going out to faire with his family, had not been there for years. I really don't know what i would do if i was not out there.
Tails From Ren Fair

Tails From Ren Faire week 1

Tails from Ren Faire Week one

"I like to just Ravish your bone"- Regular customer that love to buy up our bones to make stuff

Got out there on Saturday and to the booth. Lots of skulls and tails. This is a great start. I gave the bosses the gag gift I bought them. A plastic deer skull from Spirits Halloween store. I also quickly delivered a Shrunken Head (also from Spirits) to Judhe's booth. Then back to my area. It was a good day for a saturday, not gangbusters, but far from the worst. had some very nice tails in the $30 range. Ones as long as my arm. These I know will not last long. Thanks to the bosses girls I have lots of back stock. It is wonderful to have so many chains made. The skulls on the counter also was the fullest I have ever seen. This also due to them helping and all. A big thank you to them for the help. We had a lot of regulars come in. The skull wall was a slow starter for the week end, but did finally get started. Sadly the first boss spent half the day on the phone with the credit card machine company. Our machine was not working. In the end it seems that a cell phone tower had been sold to some one else so now the service is not as good. To run a charge we have to step out of the booth.

The weather was warm and got even warmer on monday. Wow, just wow on that. Tho it was not as bad as the year it was a 110, so i was thankful for that. I felt really sorry for some of the people wearing their costumes out there. When you are dropping an ocean of water from sweat. But i must say, they are dedicated. Speaking of costumes i will say I saw some great ones. Of course we had a few of the furries. They usually never are seen with the heads taken off. So amazing to see them go through the faire with out a break. Saw some Barbarians, a few gothlings, lots of steampunk, and various other costumes.

The faire took and had to fix a bridge that had rotted out and was washed out from the last few down pours. They placed dirt and mulch over the bridge that was fixed. I will leave it at that. Speaking of mulch, they placed some in our road way. Sigh. Because of the mulch getting trampled down to dirt and more put on, it has raised the area that it use to be able to flow. Sadly the last rain caused flooding in our area. It was not quite bad enough to get in to the back of the booth, but came close to it. Our front part of the booth was under about 7 inches of water. With the new mulch i fear the next rain that happens and we are not there to do any thing.

Saturday and sunday was pretty good days. Monday was no energy. Seriously columbus day has more energy than what we had. It was dead by 5, may be 4:30. it was just so strange to have no one there. So strange. I will say tho i did get to see a lot of my friends, thanks to all that stopped by. Great to see you.

This next part is hard for me to write. When i delivered the Shrunken head to Judhe, Kenny (He runs the booth for Judhe) told me it was going to be the last year for them, unless sells are really good. Judhe has been there since the first year. She was one of the first people i saw and remembered from out there. Over the years me and her have bonded. She is a great friend. I don't want to see her go. Tho i can understand why she is leaving. Partly she is in bad health. She hurts and can't throw her clay. The thing is, her booth is her. I can't even think about some one else owning her booth. Her booth is not the only one in our area that is changing as well. Across the street the basket lady is done, she has not made any money in the years she has done the faire. So this is her last year. The incense booth owners (Next to the basket lady) has decided to sell their company as they are done. (A friend of the booth will be buying it and i think will run it just like the others had) The pirate potter next to them had a heart attack and most likely this is his final year. Next to him is a new business. Then Judhe's booth. Next to her is a toy booth and he is stopping as he is having health issues as well. A lot of things are changing in our corner of the world.
Uncle Duke


I wrote this poem last year and i thought I would share it today...

Numb by James Hollaman
I am numb.
Numb over violence.
Numb over politics.
Numb over people.
Numb over every thing happening in the world.
Keep calm and carry on.
How do you carry on when all you see is darkness.
How do you carry on when all you see is fear.
How do you carry on when all around you is chaos.
At some point we break.
How do we carry on?
I don't say much about my beliefs.
They are mine, and mine alone.
I won't push them on to people.
Little good comes from it.
Nothing changes.
We march forward.
In to the darkness, with hopes that we see light.
Keep pushing forward.
Keep moving.
Try to be the light.
In the face of all the darkness try to be that tiny speck of light.
Create a world that is better.
Create a world that doesn't seem that it will ever happen.
Create a world that is good, even if it is only in your mind.

Merry Greedmas

Here is why we can't have a nice Christmas for the kids. Use to be people would spend hours of time to buy that perfect toy for the kids for Christmas. These days times have changed. A lot of people buy the popular toy to resell. Making it near impossible for the regular shoppers to buy them. They will jack up the price and make a killing. This bothers me. Yet, some people will buy the items at those prices. Sigh. Merry Greedmas