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ConQuest 37 in review... part two

Saturday Up around 8 and after a while, went out to breakfast with Sherri and Dennis to cracker barrel. While i was there i bought some other food for the party. Went back and took and got the place ready for the party a little bit more. Had a pannel at 1:30 on cheap costuming, and had a blast. Went shoping in the dealers room and them to the Yard Dog Road show. i was secound up and was half way through my strory when sherri started to make some noise with one of the props for the interprative dancers to use. i could not hear any reaction from the audiance, which is what i need to learn my reading for a crowd. i finally got through the reading and Dennis took and was nice enough to take me to the store for the last bit of stuff for my convention party that night. got back and i should have gone to the Murray Baums commnetment ceremony but was starting to find my self very tired. So i took a nap. Got up in time to prepare the room for the last bit of the party and get my but down to see the rest of the play and the masquerade. Did not stay to see who won because i had to get up to the room and get things all preparred the rest of the way....

Now i have for got to mention that there was another room con going on. Yep LOO53R con was down the hall. i had to do some thing. When i was getting stuff at the store i got some chocolate readywhip and Vanilla Waffers. Placed the waffers on a tray and then sprayed the whipped cream in to the middle. it looked just like i new it would, a large pile of crap. Took it down tot he other party and gave them some crap. they laughed and sent me off to my room with a drink. Around 20 minutes after the masqurade was over i took and had my doors open. the Con/party was officially open. There was a bid party going on for a other world room con in 2011. That is when Richerd lipps daughter turns 21. It was a great idea for them to do. brad er i mean Bland lemon denton played music for 3 hours. he played my favorite warren Zevon song and many others including free bird, which was the secound time he had ever played it. i think every one loved the party. I know may had some lovely stuff on display. (and her art work was nice as well :) Bill enjoyed the music and so did Tully, Amanda loved her drink that she got and loved hoping from party with her big pink bubba mug. And as i said Bland played for 3 hours. All that time Howard Waldrop sat on my floor and listened to the music. This was a cool sight to see. there is so much i am forgetting to say about the party, that i will have to amend this i know. like i just remembered that i gave out gohu's which is my version of the hugo. they was given to people that i thought (and so did other people) needed reconised for there writing. Lee Martaindale, Howard Waldrop, Brad Denton and Selina Rosen got the first set. there was small ones given to people that have not hit the big time but are just as good of a writer. Jim Burk, Bill Allen, Tracy morris, Susan Saterfield, and Sherri Dean got them. Also the SFWA president (robin baily) held a SFWA meeting at the party/ con. I could not believe it was a full fledge world con in miniture. i do have a list of things for next years room party. One, i will have fans set up to circulate the air, two i will try to make it as fun as this years, tho i don't think it will happen. on to the final con report


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Jun. 7th, 2006 09:51 pm (UTC)
Great party, bro!

About getting fans to circulat the air next year...can I put in a request that they be female and comely? :-)
Jun. 8th, 2006 12:38 am (UTC)
now thats a party idea, a fantasy party.... you might have some thing there...
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