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i have come to the conclusion i am not a artist. Now i know that i have a art gallery looking at showing my Precious moments faces but i was thinking about this. You see its some one elses art work. i just modified it to look diffrent. Its still some one elses art. Ok my art has been seen on the cover of 2 books for yard dog. One is the bubba cronicels and the other is marking the signs. For marking the signs i took and had a lot more on the cover. The truck stood (like a car stands) in front of a trailer with a woman on the poarch. I was never told why it was changed by the whole thing being taken away and the only thing left was the truck. On half the cards for the Bubbas of the appocolyps card game you will find my art work. but one of the cards that was mine had been changed by another person, so its not my original art any more. (they corrected it to be better) I find that my style of art is not what people want or like. I can take and do art by using other peoples work. This thought has just really hit me. Now i know that there are artist out there that modify things. Heck Ray Johnson used to take a picture and paint lines on it. Andy Warhol took a can of soup and painted it on canvas. i don't know why but i feel like a sham.


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