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tails from renfair part one

yep another year has come and so now its time to tell whats going on
out at fair....

“Can i get some help getting him off?”- lady holding a tail she wanted

Got to the booth and it was different. i now have a floor over in my
area of the booth. Yep no more rocks being kicked up by little kids.
(or thrown) We also have new neibours the barbarians took over the
forrest. its suppose to be a little creepy and every thing. Tho i look
at it as a challenge to mess with them. Rubber human skulls, hang off
the branches that hang off the entrance, are more like the size of a
pigmy tribe. Also they have cow skulls hanging every where. So the
barbarians took land from a small pigmy tribe of cow herders. It does
look creepy tho and that's what they was going for. For me its not
creepy enough. So i have been thinking that i want to do some thing to
the groups area. Chalk out line of a viking with a splatter of blood,
may be some flowers every where. i still need to try some thing. hmmmm
i still have a skeleton left may be i can make it in to a fairy and
nail it thro to the chest and on to a tree....

Got to see a lot of people out at fair this week end. The one person i
was still amazed to see up and out in the sun was Seantaclaus. he did
not actually burst in to flames, i was amazed. (i usually do well in
sun light out at fair because i am in the shade) Got to see a lot of
my friends out there and glad they was still working. My friend Becky
had a floor made so her booth can be walked in during periods of rain
with out ruining the floor. It was good to see her.

Wow as i mentioned before some of my regular customers showed up and i
was shocked on one of them. A lovely young woman came in to the booth
and started looking at the fur. Dark complected, skinny with just the
right amount of curves. She had on a blue indian (india indian) out fit
on with some bendies. Then she looked at me and asked if i recognized
her. Come to find out it was the girl that took and usually wore fur
she bought from us. She had started coming out with her parents and
would spend around $100 a year on really nice fur for her costume. Very
strange to see her all grown up. (wow what a difference a year can

Favorite t-shit for the week end “my family put the funk, in

And now for the best conversation for the week end. Two girls are
looking at tails. Girl a is got no tail, girl b has one.

Girl a: “how many of the tails are you going to buy?
Girl b: “I’m going to buy 4.”
Girl a: “I can’t believe you are buying them.”
Girl b: “why?”
Girl a: “because your a member of PETA!”
Me: “oh a member of People Eating Taste Animals?”
Girl b: “no the animal rights group...”
Me: “and your buying fur?”
Girl b: "I’m also a hypocrite...”


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Sep. 7th, 2006 12:48 am (UTC)
That last line is pretty good. At least she's an honest hypocrite! :)
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