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What is art?

What determins art. i ask because i am truelly interested in finding out the definition to that term. it changes a lot. Look at my post yesterday with the art work i did. There is no meaning to it, no significance. And yet its art, or so i am told. We have this guy on walmart tv network that says "art is not what you see, but what you make others see." To do this doesn't some one have to see meaning in there own art work? A long time ago a man threw paint at a jet engine when it was junning. The paint was pushed back by the air and was splattered on to a canvas. 3 colors was done. The painting sold for around $10,000. Was it art? i don't know. There was the art show where they showed a bunch of art to major art critics and asked them to explain the painting. They (art critics) told the gallery owner about how they could see the agnst of the artist and how he placed all of his emotions in to the painting, every one raved how good the artist was. They was then told the artist was a chimp. After they found out the chimp was the artist they took back there statements and said that the stuff was not art. I remember watching a show about a group of people in the new york area that started buying art work from artist that thought was good. After a while they had a large collection and all of the artist had become famous. So people watched when the couple would go out to buy art and see who they bought and that persons art would start being gathered up by art dealers. This couple would allow artist to stay with them for free. The artist in turn gave them a piece of art. one piece i still rememer was a 3 inch rope nailed to there wall. They was offered $3,000 for it. Now i know art is not about the money you make. (starving artist...) but i just would love to understand what causes a scrible to become art. The art i did and posted has no meaning, but its still art.....


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Sep. 6th, 2006 04:16 pm (UTC)
for me art is somethign that speaks to me that I enjoy time and time again
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