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Tails from renfair part 5

"i can't believe i just bought my son some tail..." Parent on buying a
fox tail for her kid

Saturday started out pretty cool but got warmer as time went on, by the
end of the day tho on saturday it got cooler again. Sunday it got
warmer than the day before... sigh it is not suppose to be that warm
during the end of the fair. Any ways it was Nascar week end so people
was getting pushed in to there respected destinations. But not every
one wanted to get to the races. one fair worker was late getting to
work because she had been sent to the wrong road and had got in to the
track area. They kept sending her from exit to exit, telling her that
they could not let her out. (they kept asking if she really wanted to
leave. her reply "look at me i'm in wench garb, do i look like i need
NASCAR fans?)

one tradition at Lady Hawks booth is if you leave some thing then you
owe her a tail to get it back. (i recommend you go look at her roof and
see all the tails) I had a friend (Yosa) buy a tail which i got to pin
on her. She wore it all day showing many people and later on that night
she gave it to lady hawk. i asked her what she had left at lady hawks
to owe her a tail and she said nothing, that she wanted to give her a
tail. i am thinking about doing that. Tho i find it funny to sell
people the tails they are going to give her. (oh and all the tails are
from our shop but one, a fabric dragon tail....

Dinner was pork steaks cooked on a grill. We had steaks for some other
people that was suppose to be there but they never showed. There loss.
I gave Carol (or booth artist ) a doll body to work on. it was to be
left for some one but got to cute so it has now become our booth
mascot. We think it looks like a Barbarian mini me. its to funny and
too cute for words.

Sunday was busy but not as much as saturday. Got to see quiet a few
people. Carl, Mary and William was out and it was good to see them.
Some of our regular customers was out. Ashley Rock who owns a reptile
store in St. Joseph was back. She bought some stuff from us earlier
this year and was suppose to come back. She finally made it back. It
was found out that her boy friend was a tattoo artist. So my bosses are
going to trade some stuff for a tat on Cindy's leg. (cindy is my female
boss out there) i can't wait to see it. This guy does great art work.
oh and part of one of my families i deal with out at wal-mart was out
as well,the daughter was there but she, he didn't have the kid with her
or her mother. interesting girl who took and ran away with the carnival
people for a few years sending her mother post cards... (odd family)

We get board some times so when some one does some thing funny out side
the booth we are happy. Well the Troll that walks around recruiting for
the troll army some times hawks the booths. he stood in front of our
booth and said the following...

"Cats Paw sells furs and beads for your every need"

he was then made fun of by some one. he was pushed in to a battle of
silliness. He won with just one single statement. he digs in to his ear
with his finger. he then preceded to hold his finger out and say "here
taste this and tell me if it taste funny. " the other person turned and
walked away...

Sad to say there was really no conversations that stood out so i will
give you a old thought from out at fair...

i was asked once to go on stage once to help out this magician by the
name of Phenixes, the worlds worst mime. (he talked) Even tho i got to
see how the trick worked i loved every minute of it. i would watch his
show every time i was out there. I started to talk with him when i saw
him at the ethnic enrichment festival one year. i got to learn so much
about him and that he was a professional therapist that worked with
kids. Many years went buy and i got to meet many other people and found
out they had many professional jobs. nurses, doctors, lawyer assistant
and even owners of major businesses by week, beggars, wenches and
thieves on the week end. i meet teachers and people that designed
stadiums, and even radio personality. (106FM the cow started out as a
country music station, one of the men that i new out at fair that had a
shop for a while was there morning disc jockey) there was once a woman
that i called the Gypsy with the bat tattoo. She was always making out
fits for the strippers in one of the clubs in KC. She then moved on to
selling VooDoo stuff in new orleans. (still does) i guess what i am
saying i have always known you can't judge a book by its cover, its
just funny some time finding out whats behind those weird looking


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Oct. 6th, 2006 12:38 pm (UTC)
...it's just funny some time finding out whats behind those weird looking

That is SO true!
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