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Tails from renfair part 6

"Just ask Jimmy, what type of tail i like, he knows..." lady hawk to a person that owed her a tail

I started Saturday getting out of work late. Then getting home i took and found out of the passing of a dear sweet friend. So i just wanted to get out to fair and have some fun. Thankfully this happened. The sells was good on both sides of the booth. tails was leaving slow but picked up later on in the day. I find it to be funny that we have become a banned item from a lot of places. A lot of the performers get tails but have to hide them. I have been told tho about how some of the local schools have banned the kids from wearing tails. (yet i am told they wear them any ways) This is just kind of comical to me.

the weather was good so lots of people was out. This was a bad thing because it caused dust to fly in to the air. By sunday night we all sounded like we had been smoking 5 packs a day for the last 50 years. My voice was gone because of it being so bad. Thankfully one of the people around our area was watering stuff and they pulled a hose down to our lane and watered the ground a little bit. it was so bad that the water hitting the ground caused dust to fly. But after words we could breath fresh air. funny how breathing fresh air is such a good thing.

Saturday night was the party at the black smiths forge. Bring your own stuff to grill. So our food was fresh rack of lamb. Oh man was it good. no mint sauce was needed. On sunday we took and had pork chops off the grill. We also cooked potatoes.... mmmmmmm it was good. This coming week end we will be having a batch of Kitty Verde. i just love the food we eat out at fair, its so good and tasty.

monday was columbus day, usually known as all thieves day. But this year the kids was better than usual. Not that we didn't have our fair share of slack jaw mouth breeders. But all in all the kids was ok. I often wonder how the actors do it. i can trade out with one of my bosses. We fortunately sold a buffalo hide so it was not a total loss for the day. if we didn't have that sell it would have been dismal.

I would normally tell you the name of the people who visited, but my ghod there was a lot of people. i got to see a old class mate of mine that had disappeared off the map. it was good seeing him. Some people that had fallen off the face of the earth also showed up. it was good to see them as well. I like to see people come by and say high.

i end the tails with the following conversation. Now some times you got to take and not say things in a way that makes me think certain things. Because if you do it is hard for me to stop my self....

Customer Teen: "mom, i must have this tail!"
Customer Parent: "why?"
CT: "Because it spoke to me..."
CP: "It spoke to you?"
Me: "so the tail talked to you?"
CT: "yes, all the tails talk to me..."
Me: (to the mother) Did you know your daughter talks to the hind quarters of animals?"
CP: starts laughing as CT: turns red....


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