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I'm not prejudice, but i hate....

ok, i'm at work and one of my regulars come in. he was angry and every thing about all sorts of stuff. Then he tells me the statement that is in the subject line. he hate forieners. people that come to our country and don't pay taxes and all sorts of bitterness was his reasons behind his rant. i had to stand there and listen to him spout out stuff. I pointed out that indians had said the same thing. He looked at me with disgust and said that , in his own words,"I'm not talking about the past, i'm talking about now."


this of course got me to thinking of a conversation i had once with a person. They hated gay people, i asked why. The reason was it went against the lord and his teachings. So i asked if the lord was going to judge the person for the "sin" they was doing. They said "Oh yes, he will be judging them when they get to the pearly gates. My next question made them mad. So why are you judging them? Should you not leave that up to god, he has had a lot more experiance with that. i got a f*ck you james and they left....

May be its me. i tend to see things in odd ways. Politics, which i do not like makes me angry. You hear people say my president is better then your president. i was at work and asked a friend of mine that is a Bush supporter to do me a favor. i wanted him to name one thing Bush had done that helped all of America. not just some, but every one. His answer... "he gave us $300 back... from taxes we had paid to the goverment." So he gave us our money back. would it have been easier to not have taken it in the first place. But i asked what did Bill do for all of america? (ok he taught us a new use for a cigar) actually i asked him to think of the last president that did any thing for all of america. it was hard to do but he finally said he thought it was roosevelt.

I don't know what this rant is about. just had to get stuff off my mind. its a few days before my art show and i am full of things going through my mind......


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