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funny world we live in

John Travolta is and has been for a long time a scientologist. While i might not agree with his beliefs its his and they work for him. Now he is not the psyco type of scientologist, in fact he seems to (as in most interviews i have read) not like when people push it down the throats of others. (he had some stuff to say about tom cruise) one of the things the scientologist don't believe in is homosexuality. Ok, i can live with this, as i don't believe in scientology. Any ways he has recently blasted by a gay and lesbian organization because of his role in a upcoming movie called Hairspray. yep he is doing the part that Divine made famous. now the group was up set that he was playing the charactor because of the fact he is a scientologist. Err wait a minute what does this have to do with him acting? yes its a woman he is playing, does this some how make him gay?No, he is playing a part in movie. that is all. guess what just because a man dresses as a woman doesn't mean any thing other than he is dressing up as a woman. he is not doing what is considered over the top drag, he is playing the part as a woman. plus come on people he has worked in movies with gay charactors or gay actors and you didn't seem to bent out of shape then. (Be Cool is a funny movie) Come on give the guy a break. Just because he is a scientologist, it doesn't automaticly make him a gay and lesbian hater. Infact i have never heard him say any thing against gay people. And if he did so it was not public. hell republicans are suppose to hate gays, yet i know a few that are great friends with a few gay and lesbian familys. Plus they still like me and i told them i was bisexual. in other words don't become the people who dislike you. thats not a good thing to do.....


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Jun. 20th, 2007 01:53 am (UTC)
Buh. You'd think people would take it as more of a *positive* thing, that a guy who's 'supposed' to be opposed to gays would be perfectly willing to play a woman.
Jun. 20th, 2007 01:57 am (UTC)
see i keep thinking a minority group that wants people to give them respect and should not take another minority group and complain about them. And yes i totally agree with you on that thought... they should be happy
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