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I find it fasinating....

I tend to want to mold my life around the ways others think and act. But in the end i can't because i'm not really in to the stuff they was. Hunter, who you know i love, is really in to the political scene. (and still is in death) he is also really in to sports. Me i can't seem to get in to politics. i tend to listen to people as they do political speak changing words and sentences in to stuff that has no meaning to the question they was to answer. Sports while i like watching it with others or live, i was never good enough to know what the hell was going on....

may be its the fact i wished i could look at things (as in Politics and sports) with the same since of wonder i do other stuff. it would make for a facinating world i think. But i can't. Thats why i wished i could see through other peoples eyes for a while, oh and be conected to there brain. To see life through the eyes of those we admire most, how cool would that be.....

then again i admire Ed Wood and John Waters as well....


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Jul. 3rd, 2007 02:35 pm (UTC)
connected Brains
You have hit a spot, i have always believed that if I could connect with more people to see through their eyes. However so many people I am would like to understand the things in their life they way they do, sometimes it is just to change perspectives.

I like you the way you are, but i like a happier jimmy, I cherish all the moments I have with you. ALL OF THEM.
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