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The message here, though somewhat capricious, nebulous and indefinable, is clearly underscored by intense feeling. Brilliant colors highlight the melancholoy age-old balance between the warmth of life and the iciness of death, spiced with the sardonic humor of irony. The disquieting mood portends inescapable doom for the frail symbol of individual life and seemingly callous extinction of its evanescent aura. The age-old balance is certainly skewed.

the CD i like of Kevorkians is based on this painting of his. i had always found it to be interesting. Well jack is one of the people in the world that i admire. (along with Hunter S Thompson, John Waters and many others) i had a question for my therapist about why i tend to look up to people who are not normally considered role models. i copied the CD (after all i can't give away my numbered copies) and took it in. We listened to it while i asked her my questions. Well yesterday we had a session and after it she thanked me for the cd. She listens to it and does her paper work. (oddly she goes quicker when listening to it) She has had coworkers come in to ask her a question and then they ask her about the music. They keep asking her who it is. She said that its hard to explain to them that its Jack Kevorkian aka Dr Death. I find this humourus....

Oh and if my caculations is correct my cds are worth now double what i have paid for them. So who ever gets them when i die, because i will never give them up, has some money. (tho try to find a person to buy the dang things. 11 copies are on amazon right now and have been there for a while. Lowest price is $39.80


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