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I need to stop thinking.

I feel as if a person on my friends list is up set with me and i do not know what i did to them. i emailed a question but i have been placed in the back of there mind i guess. I just wished they would tell me that i f*cked up and they are upset with me....

i was going to do a wikpedia thing on some one. I was then told by a person i would have a hard time doing this sorta thing. i just ended up feeling like i was a failure. She didn't mean it as a bad thing, but i don't take things well...

2 conquest ago i bought 2 books that was to be taken back to the writer person and they would autograph them if the bid got over a $100. I spent $400. I never got the books back. I figure i will never see them, and the one that cost the most doesn't even belong to me, it was going some place else.

i ask for breaks and lunches at work, yet i am often forgotten. once again i went with out last night. i hate having to beg for them. but the manigment is nice and they don't mean to forget about me, they just get cuaght up on there work they have to do so they don't get in trouble...

i can already hear the words people are going to say about this post, some will do it to be friendly, others will do it to be mad, all trying to help. But nothing there to make me feel better, all in all it will make me worse as it would just prove the other thoughts....

(why yes i am in a depressive state of mind, how nice of you to notice.....)


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