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tails from ren fair part 1

"i just like them big"-lady talking to her boy friend on why she wanted the large tail she had picked out.

I had not really felt like i was ready for fair this year. i just was not in the spirit of the season to begin. A lot of people felt the same way. For me it was the changes that i knew was going to be out there. There just seemed like there was going to be some major changes. a lot of the old actors i use to know are gone, some of the people that would come to visit me at the booth are gone. I know changes will happen but i still don't like it. I'm a consistent person, change is not a thing i handle very well. Any ways i don't want to be to depressing here so i will get on with the tails....

saturday i got to the booth and found my area set up like usual. I really do like my job out there, New to my area is the muskrats and the ermines. plus i had the armadillo spine at my end but it was changed. Saw some familiar faces on the skull wall nothing really new. What was amazing was the skulls was all priced. This is usually some thing we are still pricing at canon and after. So a little more efficient in that part. new colors for tails this year are red died silver fox tails. (plus purple and blue) this makes for a colorful tail. There was a bright green tail as well, thankfully it was sold on sunday.

the people was different for a opening weekend crowd. i had people with money. Plus stuff that don't normal sell on first weekend, sold quickly. We sold a buffalo skin, now i am use to that being some thing we would sell closer to the end of fair. the rest of the barbarian crowd are starting to get bigger costumes which mean they are getting real fur and bone instead of fake fur that looks like a blanket for a bed. oh the barbarians also fixed there wall at the entrance to the barbarians lair. Anton said that they got to see them decorate the wall, a super soaker filled with "Blood". (red paint) That would have been cool to see.

its interesting to see the actors actually act out at fair. Not having to be at point a at this time say these lines, then move to point b say another line... they are actually acting with the people. glad to see the old way make a come back. a lot of the actors seem to be happier with this thought. the crafters are not happy on our lane because of the fairies have taken the road over. Plus the fairies do a dance and kick up the dust... Did i mention the dust? Well lets just say if we ever wanted to recreate the dust bowl era, fair grounds could be a perfect location. And all the hard work Anton did in fixing our area in front of the booth so rain would drain, well lets say mulch has been placed down again. So flooding might happen again in our area. Sigh that sucks.

For supper on saturday was had lamb steaks, wow was they good. grilled to perfection. plus cold beer to drink, what else can you ask for. Sunday night we had cheddar birds. These are cheese and ostrich polish sausage type of thing. Oh so good. we had on monday the left over lamb and cheddar birds for lunch. yummy...

We did have a family in that kind of freaked Anton out a little. and after he mentioned it i was a little creeped out as well. there was a bunch of kids with there mother, she was in her swim suit top and shorts. She smiled at Anton, showing all teeth, all 5 of them. As i said she had a group of children around her. The kids ears took and stood out from there head. this was not the creep out factor. the fact they was also not level. One ear was about a inch or so more higher that the other one. they was a very in bread family. i can still see the kids, very Deliverance looking. You could almost here the banjo.

Well here it is the part where I tell you about the stupid things people say. And this one is over the top for me. i have heard every reason on why a person can buy fur. "My grandmother was a native american princess, so its alright i can buy this fox tail." has been one of my favorite. Um no your grandmother was nothing of the sort since there is no such thing as a indian princess, no such thing as royalty in the native american culture. Unless you count the term powwow princess which is basically a shorter term for "head young teenage lady dancer". A young lady come in to our shop and saw the ring of scratch and dent fox pelts. (in other words the fox pelts that might have a tear in the leather, or a bald spot) She started telling me the following about the fox pelt she had just placed in to lay away at some place. i give you the following statement....

Customer - " i can't believe that you have fox furs out here. i just put one in to lay away at a shop, that is owned by 4th generation american indians. They killed the fox and ate the meat and used all the bones. they then smoked the skin and prayed over it and sent the animals spirit to god."

she also talked to Anton about the buffalo hide we had hanging. When he was telling her that it was about the size of a king sized bed spread and it was $500, i thought she was going to have a heart attack. She had been planning to place a full size bed spread buffalo hide also on lay away for $1,500 at the same shop. Er that makes the fox fur about $200 give or take a dollar or two. Can you say your getting hosed?


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Sep. 6th, 2007 03:32 am (UTC)
Whoa. I wouldn't've expected a full buffalo hide to be only $500, myself. Sounds pretty cheap!
Sep. 6th, 2007 11:31 am (UTC)
i think its because most of the idiots that are getting hides tanned do one at a time. They also don't deliever the hides to the tannery them selves. (shipping is a b*tch on a hide that ways over 90 pounds) but the real reason we sell them for $500 or what ever price we do have them at is because we don't like looking at our product. We want to sell it. Now if it was a personal collection yea, i can see it. They like to eat food and wear clothing to do so you must make money. You see what i am getting at.....
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