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Room Con 4 contest...

Room Con 4 is going to be called "Room con of the dead" aka "con del sitio de los muertos". Since there are a lot of writers, artist, and fans we have lost over the years i thought it would be nice if you got to see them one last time and just have a good time. So i took and looked for people that people miss and decided to have them as the guest. Each person is portrayed by a fan of there work. the guest will the following...

Writer guest Douglas Adams (portrayed by Selina Rosen, big fan of his work)
toastmaster Roger Zelazny (portrayed by Bill Allen, big fan of his work)
Artist guest Kelly Freas (portrayed by Bill Tienken, big fan of his work)
Fan Guest Wilson Tucker (portrayed by Keith Stokes, big fan and family member*)
Musical guest Warren Zevon (portrayed by Bland lemon aka Brad denton, big fan of his work)
just announced.... Gaming guest Gary Gygax (portrayed by ................................ big fan of his work)
(* might not be blood family, but was family any ways)

you will notice that Gary has no one to be him at the convention. (mainly because of the sudden death) So i decided to take and put this out to the groups. Are you a fan of his work? Are you coming to conQuest 39? If so you might be the person i am looking for. Give me a email off list with the words room con 4 contest in the subject line and let me know why you liked gary and his work. To win you must be coming to conquest 39 memorial day week end. If you can show me you was a fan of gary i will put you in as him at the room con 4 party. e-mails can be sent to me at jhollaman(at)earthlink.net you have till march 15th to get your entry in. no more will be accepted after that date...


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Mar. 6th, 2008 05:19 pm (UTC)
Doggonit, Memorial weekend is always taken up for me/us because if we're not at OKRF (which he's extended to cover that weekend SDJ@W#$*&<DM!!!) we'd be at Scarborough Faire. *sigh*
Mar. 9th, 2008 08:19 am (UTC)
the convention (conQuest) is always fun. great parties and good friends. I usually have a large room part. Each year a diffrent theme. I have done 3 room cons (tho one was in a box that was in the charity auction last year) and each room con had a guest for the convention and every thing a convention could have. This time i took and decided to think once more out of the box. hmmmmmm may be i should have a ren fair party, conduct a ren fair in a room....

i wished you could make it, i think you would enjoy it....
Mar. 10th, 2008 02:42 am (UTC)
I know we would; perhaps some year we'll be able to come!
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