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We are a f*cked up world...

So I'm reading more about Josef Fritzl, and the question comes to me. "What caused him to do it?" What was the thing that sent him over the top with a idea of keeping one of his daughters locked up for 24 years and having 7 kids with her. i truely would like to be able to see in to the working of the human brain. What was it that made the man think and then act on this. And look at the damnage he has done to those kids. A group of kids that have never knowen what the sun looked like. has never known human contact. He now says he was about to let them out and say that they had escaped from a cult. (he had said his daughter had run away with a cult, to hide the fact he had her hid from his wife)

but this is not the first time a person has done some thing like this. a girl age 10 was kidnaped and kept for 8 years before she escaped. (not by Josef, but some one else) But why? What was it that said in the persons brain "Do it". i dought we will ever know why a person does some thing. its most likely a mystery that will never be solved.

Jeffrey Dahmer , Bob Berdella, John Wayne Gacy, Nannie Doss, Genene Jones, and Dorothea Puente all had to start some where. So what was that trigger. Was it a chemical embalance? Was it they was never loved by any one? Was it the movies they watched? i dought we will ever know...

Plus there are other parts of our world that makes me wonder. how does a person get people to do what they say, which can include them selves in to a ritual suicide. The heavens gate people all believed a man that said a space ship was waiting to pick them up, all they had to do was drink the secret punch. How does a man use religion to get a group of people to go along with him. How is it a person can talk 50 women in to marring him and giving him children, in turn later on having children with them.

its some thing we might never know, and lets face it we might not want to know. (tho i will always be curious) Any ways in time we will figure such stuff out. I'm off now, must go put on my lace teddy, rubber shower cap and fairy wings so i can do my ritual sacrifice to don knots in the basement. (you know how hard it is to tie up a goat thats wearing high heels?)


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