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ethnic festival...

So i decided to go to the ethnic festival with my dad since i had not been for many years (since 1994) and walked out in the sun. (jacket and sun block on) As i walked around i found a booth with beads, like the ones i have at my booth out at fair. Wow this is cool. i look over them and see my favorite bead which is a bauble bead that is so colorful and pretty. plus they have every color of the rain bow on the strands. I ask the prices and they was 55 for the small and 65 for the large. (desent price) i told him i would be back. A statement i am sure he has heard before. But i did shock him by coming back and buying 4 strands and he did cut me a deal. ($25 off the entire purchase which is rather decent for such a small amount of beads) I think he was a little weirded out by a young man in a jacket that was so pale white he almost glowed in the sun bought beads. he gladly gave me his card when i said i had friends that might be interested.

on another note i will say this, it was the first time that i had been any where this summer that i didn't feel off. It might have been the kind words and actions of people i know lately. or it could have been some thing else.

tomarrow i will go see the dead at union station. Still have not decided what shirt to wear. keep thinking of making my own sixth sence t-shirt... (i see dead people seems funny to me, but figure people have done that there already...)


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