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Bodies Revield

at noon we got to go in to the bodies revield display. For me there was two things i got out of it. First i got to see some great displays that was painstakingly worked on. its a art form that is close to my heart. Second i got to see peoples reactions to the displays. (i'm a people watcher, have always loved the way people react to things) While most of the people was ok with it, some of the peoples reactions was priceless. I have also come to the conclusion that there is 2 groups of people in the world. one that can see humor in the darkest of subjects and those that can't. Me and my family can. For instance my mom pointed out a display of a persons body where it was cut length wise and stood up in different layers. She pointed at the butt cheek area and noted the plumbers crack. (to be honest i did find that humorous as well) i loved the whole thing and all the work that went in to doing the making of the displays. Oh and i got to see a working hip joint that kind of looked like the one i got from my bosses out at ren fair. I will say tho my favorite part has to be the displays of the blood vessels and stuff that was done up so it held its shape and showed how much stuff goes in to making your body work.

Now i will say this about people, and note i said people not humans, people are stupid at times and then they can get worse. Case in point there is a part where they show the fetus developing. I watched 2 kids looking at the displays that was in little tanks. they kept tapping on them. These are the same type of kids that tap on tanks in a pet store. one of the other things that people was doing that was not as stupid was a little more on the funny side. Most of the displays was men. you can tell they was men by the fact the male body parts was all there. almost every one was looking at the top half of the body and not even coming close to looking at the crotch area. I find this to funny. I guess they live in a barbie type world, where the genitals are not shown.

Now i will say this i was disappointed in one part of the tour. the gift shop. I did pick up the bodies revield book that has some pictures of the displays. I also grabbed up a t-shirt with the body of a male showing all the veins and blood vessels. but the rest of it was... stuff i can get else where. i was wanting to see replicas of the veins and stuff that was in the cases. I wanted to see stuff that had a little more creep factor. now i know its not going to have that type of stuff, mainly because i would be one of the few people that would like that stuff.


Aug. 18th, 2008 03:55 pm (UTC)
My neices favorite part was the fetus area as well. I really could have staid there all day...


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