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Keep your promises...

ladys and gentelmen, i want to say one thing. Keep your promises. I find as i am getting wilder in the head i have come to conclusions that are simple but its some thing i have had to divise out of some of the random thoughts in my head. The newest one is due to things that was promised to me. Now i know life gets in to the way, and lets face it I might not be the biggest (nore should I) priority. But i still wait in the wings. Its not easy for me some times waiting because the longer time goes by the more it hurts knowing i am forgotten. I will just let that set on my mind. I will not even remind you because i don't want to bother you with what ever it was. Yes it will not happen if i don't tell you. but thats part of the problem, i can't remind you. It makes me feel like i am pushing you and that is some thing i do not want to do.

I'm guilty of doing the same thing. does it make it right, no infact i am as guilty as the people that have promised me stuff. the diffrence is i know i have done it and am trying to keep the promise i made. While its not been easy i am doing just that.


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Aug. 21st, 2008 05:43 pm (UTC)
hopefully I have not forgotten promises, and if I have I have done other not promoised things to compensate. In my case it is a forgetting thing. But yeah I blame folks for it also.
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