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"I want to touch your shaved beaver."-woman asking to look at the beaver furs with the guard hairs plucked out. (very soft)

I can't explain the joy I had getting in to fair and seeing my booth. Its a calming thing for me, that is till i see the scary items that they got on my end of the booth. Muskrat furs died safety orange. (and some died a pumpkin orange) We also have sheared and plucked beaver (just like petting smoke) that is red, gold, white, black, orange, natural and pink. Scary colors till you know they was being used to make ear muffs. That actually made since. The bosses mentioned that the fact that they had tried to get mink tails but failed since they are using the whole animal pelt. this is including the lip that is about the size of the head on a dime. I would like to see that coat, more thread than fur. One of the most fascinating things we have for sell is a Hyena hide. Its a old one that they bought at a estate sell. But man is it nice. I am really looking at it for my self, but i keep thinking i have no place for it. But its so damn cool to look at. Lots of people have been interested in it. i hope it gets a good home. Oh and if you have a romantic side, you might like the newest thing we are selling long stemmed skulls. Yep the idea i had last year has become a regular reality.

Got to see many people, so many people that i can't mention them all. (Gerald, Star, and Pooch to name a few) it was good to see them all. I needed that. I got to see a lot of my old friends from fair as well. Tho its very weird to see some people missing. The last of the wood carvers is gone. So now there is only one person making walking sticks. (they use to make willow furniture out at ren fair oh so many years ago, if i remember right in the area gold tooth is now) Bill sold his booth because his wife was in poor health and because they wanted to retire from fair. Now his wife is better, but his health has taken a turn for the worse. I miss seeing him. I hope he gets better soon. The sand casting lady also sold her booth, now there is a wooden cup booth there. Gold tooth and the incense people are still there and so is the face painters. The barbarians are still next to us on the one side and the chain mailers on the other side. Jude my dear sweet friend is still there. Thank ghod, i would miss her dearly if she would not be there. Oh and i found out a piece of art i commissioned a friend to do, has went in to a portfolio of her art work. Go here to see it.


Sales was great on monday. Sadly they was not as good on saturday and sunday. Those 2 days was crap. I sold the most of course but sadly it was only dollar and 2 dollar items. it would have been nice to had to drop some of my money from my pouch on those first 2 days. sigh not a chance. Also our skull wall was not doing well. Saturday i sold nothing, then sunday i sold 2 skulls, finally we hit the jack pot on monday. Ram skulls sold so did a few others. (grand total of around 14 skulls from the wall on monday) No tails in dyed colors this year. the trend for the jewel tone foxes has passed in the coat industry. Thou we might have a source for really large raccoon tails in jewel tones that might work. Tail sells was ok, tho i know they could have been a hell of a lot better. the bone pile has been placed in there own baskets, this is a nice thing. jaw bones are all in one, knuckle bones in another basket, knee caps in another. Horn in one place and every thing just really organized. this is a relief.

Now normally we have a conversation between a customer and some one in the booth written here. since the amount of time that was spent with this person/group, i can't type it all out. but here it goes...

You always get that one customer or family that are as what my bosses say is a slack jawed mouth... well lets just say it matches the people. Any ways sunday was the one from hell. Mona had popped out of the booth and Carol started dealing with a young man of the age 24. (i will explain a little more on how we know the age of the man) The beads and necklaces he choose was stuff that we don't have a large enough mark up on them to give a break to people. Especially when you are not buying in bulk. Well his mother was looking at 2 skins a bear and a wolverine. this would have been over a $1000 worth of fur. She liked it, and kept taking and almost paying for it. but each time she almost had her card all the way out the boy would stop her. Thankfully for Carol, Mona got back to take over on the sell and help restring the necklaces the boy wanted. (custom orders take some time to restring) During this time the young man is stopping his mother from buying the skins every time he can. What a ass. then he hears Anton give a little off on the price of the skins. He starts yell, why didn't he get some thing off on his purchase. On and on he went and Cindy took over on that. She pointed out that the stuff he had bought had very little mark up on it and that if he had chosen some of the other stuff it would of been a better chance at getting some money off. She did point out we was not like Walmart and have a large mark up on all of our stuff. All this time tho Anton is still talking to his mother and she keeps putting the stuff back. Now this is all happening almost the whole last hour of the day, which had been a long day to begin with. It sucked big time. Mona got a tip from the mother for all the harassment she got from him as well. (he called her a wench) . Oh and i have forgot to mention the creep factor. (its still coming) He is 24 mom is most likely early 40s. We know this because she kept telling all about him and he about her. She was a cop in joplin missouri, before that she was a hair dresser for 17 years. He is a waiter at a resturant in the bonnersprings area. He wants to get his mom up in to the area to live because he just does not like her living alone in joplin as a cop. She has pink hand cuffs that she carries all the time. At one point in time she mentioned to the boy if he didn't be nice to her she would cuff him and drop him to the floor. now hear is the creep factor. Carol noticed it first and then i did and so did every one else. Mother and son was very friendly to each other. I mean really friendly. they cuddled, they kissed. they called each other ma and pa. it was just so damn hard to deal with after the hell he had put us all through. Hell i had not dealt with them and i was ready to deck him. almost 50 minutes they was there.

thats it for this week...


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Sep. 2nd, 2008 08:19 pm (UTC)
Long-stemmed skulls -- hee! Do you have them displayed as a bouquet? :)
Sep. 2nd, 2008 09:15 pm (UTC)
funny you mention that. We have them in a brass vase that goes on to a tombstone for flowers at a cemetery. The smaller roses which still have the flower pettals on them are using small female skulls, the long stems are using larger male skulls. (skulls from a mink) its so pretty i will be taking a picture of it.
Sep. 2nd, 2008 09:48 pm (UTC)
Heehee! I wanna see it. When you first mentioned it I thought the "stems" would be spinal cords. >:)
Sep. 3rd, 2008 12:03 am (UTC)
The skulls sound great; I'll have to get some when we get out there. Glad you liked the coffin. When Ro saw it, she pointed it out to me and we both said "Jimmy!"

Take care of yourself; glad to see you'll be posting the tails
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