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"Look mom, I'm going to get some tail!" - little boy to his mother when buying a tail

Got out to the grounds right before canon. Since i go in at the back gate, i had to scale the big scary yellow clay hills that are out there. (a feast hall is supposable being made, but if you look at it i don't believe its going to happen) but i got in to the booth with a few minutes to spare. A little bit more stuff on my end, but nothing much. some new skulls to replace the ones we had sold last monday. I hate the wet weather because unlike the rest of my booth, i don't have 2 sets of shoes. so i try not to walk in to my booth with muddy shoes. Thankfully the bosses had been there when the guy was placing mulch down so we didn't have to worry about needing to scrape the crap off so we could have water flow. flooding in front of the booth is not good for sells, oddly enough.

Got to see a lot of people out at fair. Keith, the Lipp family, and some of my regulars from Walmart to name a few. One of my regulars at walmart was shocked to see me and asked if i had quit there to work out at fair. i told him that ren fair was my original job. One of the other people i got to see was Boo. Her real name is Mirra and is the girl i originally baby sat out at fair for my first job. it was good to see her, and i'm glad she lives in the area now. She was missed.

We sold the hyena, i'm so glad that it sold. I didn't need it and it was just to cool for us to keep. Took longer than i thought it would to sell. Some one looked at a camel skin we have. I didn't know it was that large. it took Anton a skid loader to skin it because it was so large. Almost sold the lama skin. This is one that they took and got 4 years ago and its still not sold yet. Not a good thing. They could have sold it but was offered half of what it was worth. You can't make a profit if you are selling stuff at half your cost.

Nothing really out of the ordinary happened this week end. It was actually a calm week end. We did how ever get to see our favorite tattoo artist Jimmy Israel. he is doing some work on both the bosses. (Anton's is going to be a little later on) it looks like a lot of the booth, as in us all, want to get work done by him. That was the most exciting thing for us during the week end. it was a calm week end. So calm we had no interesting conversations with customers. So i will tell you a story Anton told us first week end. it has become a new way of thinking of things....

Anton was selling some antique beads to a lady out at Pensic, (large SCA event) and he took and figured up what she had in the large pile she had created. He told her that he didn't want to stop her but she was over $300 in beads. She looked at him and said "its ok, its less than a suit at Macy's." Really liked that statement. "Its cheaper than a suit at Macy's." I'm going to start using it.

Anton also gave me a definition for some people. Some people are like Slinkies. They would put a grin on your face if you took and pushed them down stairs...

this is all for this week...


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