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Tails from ren fair week 3

"Honey you know i like them thicker."- wife to husband when he showed her a smaller tail, she had 5 larger ones already

Saturday forecast cold and rainy, with no end in site. Or on site for that matter. Yep it rained almost all day, stopping only after the people in the booth had there rotation to have a bathroom break. We had the youngest of the bosses children out. Nancy is a sweet heart of a girl and is going to be a tall child, just like her dad. She was wearing some of her sisters old ren fair garb. This made her sister a little sad. "what is she wearing my clothing for?" was one of the quotes i heard that she said. Ah sibling rivalry....

As i said it rained. and due to the barbarians area we had muck coming out of their area and started going over the clean rock we had in front of the booth. They placed hay over it. as the day grew the hay took and made more mud happen. if it had been the right type of dirt/clay we could make a adobe when it dried. but we are in Kansas so that would not happen. Anton spent sunday morning scraping the area of the gunk. Actually i saw a miracle happen this week end. they scraped mulch up and didn't lay it back down. Now mind you they still had areas where you could sink in but they was still trying to help out but subtracting from the problem. I think that was a beautiful idea. For those of you that don't know about our fair grounds let me explain. they use to have rock every where. They started placing wood mulch on to the grounds. This brought problems to the land like splinters, nails, barbed wire. all stuff thats not good. but the other problem was is the mulch started to break down. and become dirt. Which when it rained meant mud would appear in which mulch was placed on top of that. A cycle was born. there was some areas of fair that the mulch had raised the actual level of the ground up about a foot or two, off the ground. which is not good when the original counter for some of the food booths in that area was only 3 feet tall to begin with. I hope they will keep scraping the areas. This would be best for fair. And lets face it, all the people would be happier all around.

Got to see a lot of people on both days and it was good to see all of them. (yes i'm talking about all of you that stopped by to see me) Tho it rained saturday the people still came out. It seemed most got in on free passes. The KC coupon book come out last week and there was a coupon for a free ticket. So naturally every one come out. this was kind of sad because this also meant they didn't have money. I sold 7 tails by noon. 2-$12.00, 2-$7.00, 1-$5.00 and 2-$2.00. Usually by then i have done more that that. Carol on the other end only sold one skull all day. normally she sells a lot more. Sadly the cool damp air froze the peoples wallets to there body i think. Fortunately we did sell some bigger stuff thankfully. (you will hear more about this later) Sunday was better. Thankfully. And to top it all off, we got visited by Pinky the Runner of the vulgarian navy. Alex one of the people that run a booth out there is always trying to do some thing fun to cheer people up. Last year he played a barbarian (which i told you about oddly enough last year) this year he is pinky the cabin boy, runner of the vulgarian navy. (which he had been last year as well, but this year he has perfected it) Pinky is a pirate/ cabin boy that wears mostly pink. his vest has a map on the back of it so the captain can "bend the cabin boy over" and work out the ships actions. You can see where this goes from there. Any ways he has a new pirate type hat that is pink and has a bird on it. this is helps tell his name He is Pinky McSwallows of the good ship Fruity II. We enjoyed it very much.

now growing up is hard on people, especially young girls. but is can be even harder when you are a ren fair crafters daughter. try hiding a developing body from a couple 1,000 young boys. I heard part of the following conversation between 2 people.

person 1: "your little girl is growing up i see"
person 2: "yeah, she is not so little now, she grew in to a d cup, at one time we thought it would be a double d."
p1: "your going to have to hit the boys with a stick."
p2: "yeah, i keep telling her its ok to be a lesbian, but her being my daughter keeps coming back with.. "dad i will start sleeping with women, when you start sleeping with men."

now to dumb down this a little bit. We get those customers in that try every last nerve. But you smile and keep moving foreword. Thankfully Anton deals with them more than me. Saturday he had one of them type of people. 2 Harley riders come in. and asked to see a bear skin. They was asking about how good the fur was on it, so they brought it over to them and showed it. they was pointing out the bald spots of the bear.

Customers: Why is this bears hair missing in these areas?
Anton: thats the arm pits there is little hair in that area.
C: well what about here?
A: thats the groin area, there is little hair there.
C: We want to see another one...

Anton shows them another one...

C: why is this one got a bald spot?
A: the arm pit has very little hair.

they then was showed a brown bear which did have a real bald spot. A scar on the bear that when it was tanned the hair did not stay. this was ok tho. they proceeded to look at wolves. And the same thing happened. and they went for a damaged wolf as well. They kept saying they was furriers many years ago and new all about furs. This also bothered me because of the fact the lady kept calling the wolf a Arctic fox.

and so ends another week end....


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Sep. 16th, 2008 01:07 am (UTC)
...they scraped mulch up and didn't lay it back down...

Actually they did. They put a pile of it in front of Cliff's booth in the corner of Dunwoodie Dell and just left it there. Fortunately, Cecil has a rake and spend a good bunch of time spreading that stuff out since it looks like a mini-Grand Canyon is starting down the middle of that hill.
Sep. 16th, 2008 03:41 am (UTC)
hmmmmm interesting, they scraped a lot off every where else and placed a load there, that seems so ... KC ren fair like. Sigh i just hope they keep cleaning instead of screwing it up more.
Sep. 16th, 2008 03:04 pm (UTC)
Well, see...the site guy is new. Nice guy. Wonder what happened to Roy; he was terrific but at the rate they overworked him, he's probably either drunk himself to death or had a heart attack. I seriously wouldn't be surprised. They have ONE man to do everything on that one site when OKRF which is 1/4 the size (or less) has 5 full time guys.
Sep. 16th, 2008 07:07 pm (UTC)
No roy is alive and getting bigger actually the last we saw him. He retired/quit 2 years ago because of how over worked he was. (roy always come by and talk when he could) i think this is a diffrent guy than last year as well, but not sure. but they just need to start a clean up out there.
Sep. 16th, 2008 07:32 pm (UTC)
AH good! I've been concerned for Roy; always liked him and made sure that I thanked him for all that he did.

Yes, I think this guy is new this year, or at least to that job. But he's nice and seems to be working very hard.

There are LOTS of changes that need to be made there. That is why I'm now producing my OWN faires; start a-fresh and not have to work for bat-shit crazy management, either here or elsewhere!

If I can, I'll stop by your shop this coming weekend and fill you in on what's going on...
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