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tails from ren fair 4

"Who does not like a pink beaver?" -female customer telling us about the conversation she had with her sister after she had bought a pink plucked beaver.

Forth week end and i was dead on my feet when i got there. I had slept till 5 and my body just woke up. This sucked. So that at 5 p.m. i would be working on 24 hours plus. So i get to the booth and was asked if i wanted a cup of coffee. They had got me a cup. Now the first thing i notice is that they didn't give me the regular cup i use. it was a different cup, that was very pretty. The boss told me they had found me a cup that has a secret. I soon found it. The bottom of the cup has a squashed fairy on it. Its so damn funny. Some one said the people that created it had been at ren fair at some point in time as a "visiting artist". They had bought it at pensic for me. (big SCA event in Pennsylvania)

The Barbarian forest had been fixed up a little. instead of allowing things to get worse with rain and all they took and placed rock every where. This will stop the mud slide that was happening. This was a good thing. They have also said that the festival people might take and build a stage at the entrance, this way they can stop the traffic that caused the trouble to begin with. Bad thing is we will have to take and do a further trip to get to the bathroom. Sigh

Sells was great this week end. last week end on saturday we had around 5,000 people. This week end saturday was around 28,000. (this was according to Mitch one of the SAMS) And my ghod we was busy as hell, at points in time i was throwing the money off to the side and putting it in the pouch later because i didn't have time to do it while helping the people. its funny on how the week ends change when you hit that forth week end. its like a switch. Sells as i said was great, lots of teachers buying for the class room. i even had people buying stuff with large bills that i was only giving a single bill back in change. Unlike some week ends where i take and give out 91 bucks in change Because they buy a $9 tail with a $100. (or worse a $3 tail)

food was great. Since it is getting later in the year it meant that we was due a a smoked salmon weekend. Fresh smoked salmon with cheese curds and fresh picked pears and apples. they was great. Anton told a person that the pay for working at our booth was lousy, but the food was great. Saturday night we had 4H lamb steaks. (neighbors kid raises lambs but does not like the taste of it, so they trade lamb for beef)

had many people stop by the booth to see me, and i thank them for doing so. I like to see people. Since i really don't get out of the booth to often i miss seeing people. (I understand why some people don't get to come see me, working a booth or doing 7 music shows a day stops you quickly)

Well, its come down to the part where i tell you about the strange for the week end. or should i say drunk for the week end. Saturday we had a guy that we had dealt with the year before, but he was not drunk that time. Come to this year. he wanted to get a necklace that looked a lot like the one he had got the year before. Carol got to take over on this sell because she is the one that drills the claws to get them on to the necklace. He called her a jewelry making wench. Which i am not sure if she had noticed that. he was almost sticking his face in to carols boobs talking to her. (and she is not wearing clothing that is provocative at all) So Cindy had to help get the necklace started because he wanted to know how much it would be and since she is the person that deals with the claws... well she got her turn. At some point in time while getting every thing set up for his necklace he looked at Cindy and said the following....

"you're hotter than donut grease."

Yep he was a real winner. Carol started to make the necklace and told him it would be done soon, to just go walk around and come back in a half hour. he staid around the booth. Talking with our other customers and running some of them off. So when it got to the time to give him the item, it was pushed off to Anton. woof. it was a great topic for us through out the day. Come to find out the man got kicked out of fair later on that day. Now would be the time to point out when your drunk, your brain says stupid things, like"you can take this guy" . So the man is being surrounded by the SAMs (the security and safety of ren fair) he takes and is big talked to by one of the SAMS and he yells at them all. he proceeded to say he was going to hurt one of the sams and them lunged at him. this is when the guy was then pinned against a wall by the other sams. The man he attacked was Mitch, a man that is 6 foot 8. He is a large man and i would not take and go after him.

All in all it was a fun week end, and so ends this weeks tails....


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