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tails from ren fair 6

"I want to make panties out of that!"- a young woman on the touching of the sherd and plucked beaver, she said that turned red and ran away....

5th week end started a little earlier than usual which was a good thing. Got to fair early enough that i was able to go see T'ygr and say hi for Selina. (Selina Rosen for those that don't know) He remembered her and said hi back at her. it some times is a small world some time. My father went up to the media booth to see Hope his niece. She was not there but Tammy was. She and a guy was in the booth. She introduced my dad as her great uncle. the gentleman said my condolences. then told the guy told him that i was his son. The guy said once again my condolences. it seems i went to school with him. As i said its really a small world out there....

Sells was good this week end. Sold 2 items that i was shocked that sold. (actually Anton sold them) First the Ankole cow skull. A complete skull with 15 inch round horns. Large skull and very scary to see it moving through out the crowd.
The other item was a llama skin. The llama skin would be nice if some one combed it out because the tannery screwed it up and felted the fur a little. Sold out of my $12, almost out of my $9, sold through almost all of my $7. This is still a shock to me.

Got to see many people. Roger and Cathy Tener, Kerri Knorr and many others. (thank you Kerri for the kind words) I don't get out much and i do enjoy seeing people when they come out. thank you all for stopping by. I do hope that you all enjoy your self when you are out there. The people work really hard on putting the show on. (i'm talking about the actors and musicians, not the ones over the actors and musicians)

saturday night we had the annual cast party out at fair. A fun time for most but the area they had it was a little small for me. I had went up with the rest of the gang to see the stuff for the charity auction they was having and since they was not open yet for that we all stood around. I left with in 5 minutes. I loved when they had the party up on the grounds by front gate because it was more open. they had the stuff near the church. Small venues and lots of people make me a little on edge. So as i said I left. Soon the rest of our party come home. To many people for them as well. So instead of snaking wine and cheese, we had smoked pork ribs with bbq sauce, and beer. mmmmmmm i stayed up later than i figured i would but did go to bed early. Of course it could be because by that time i was up for over 24 hours....

I got a black powder gun for working all of these years out at fair. Anton made it for me. I had mentioned i was thinking of going to black powder events again. To do so i need a gun so he made me one. its really nice. I don't take pay very well for working out there. I don't know why. but the stuff they get me is always good.

Ah it was frat week end out at fair. or there was a lot of people that lost bets. People always wears costumes out at fair. I have seen gumby, a rabbit bikini barbarian, a skinny 300 Spartan that looked more like he was wearing a brown leather diaper. But there was special ones this week end. first thing i saw was 2 people dressed as yuppie yacht club types. others as well. But it was the person dressed up as tinky winky the purple tellatubbie. woof. That was scary in 2 parts. first some one was wearing it, the second part some one had made it to sell to people. tho i must admit, i did get a laugh from it....

Now normally i don't let people and there views on fur get to me. if you don't think fur is right then you can believe that. its your belief. But don't take and basically kick your friend in the teeth because of this. So when i saw one girl getting berated for wanting a tail i had to step in.

Sadly I didn't hear or have any good conversations this week end from our booth. So i guess this ends the tails for the week end....


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Oct. 8th, 2008 01:25 pm (UTC)
I didn't know you fired black powder.

I went through hundreds of pounds at my summer job during college. 75 caliber muskets and a small canon.
Oct. 9th, 2008 12:55 pm (UTC)
oh yea, my family use to do camping all the time. ghod not that i think of it, we did it for over 10 years or so....
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