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Oct. 14th, 2008

"How do you wear the tails? Do you just bend forward and stuff it in?"- girl on asking how to put a tail on...

Got in a little before 10 on saturday. The trip over was a little short for me on the sleep part. I actually jerked out of my sleep and could not take and go back to sleep. Sigh some times that happens. i just thank ghod i had got sleep the day before. I think it was the excitement of the week end that helped me coast through the day with out any problems.

My ghod there was a lot of people that come out to fair this week end. Carol, Margene, Jim, Sherri, Dennis, Kerri, Star, the KC Horror Club, and a whole bunch of others. So many that i can't write the complete names on this email with out being 50 feet long. it was good to see every one. i even saw some people i don't normally get to see but out at fair once a year. My little friend that buys skulls all the time made it out finally. Sadly her week ends are busy with work so she does not get to come out to things. She called in to work tho because she had to go to the dentist and come out after words to see the fair. I also got to see my photographer friend as well. He was going to send me a photograph but that disk went bad. Sadly he lost all pictures on it. Sigh, it happens...

Skulls did not sell well till this week end. Of course it was due to the fact i didn't have any back stock. During the weekends up to this point we sold only a few. I think we sold through at least 30 or more skulls. The one i was glad to see go was the Jacob Ram skull that was 2 inches smaller than the one in my bosses collection. It was cool to sell that one. Also sold its brother that we have had for a while. (3 horned that didn't have any caps) Tail sells was great as well. But sadly a little sad at the same time. You see, we sold our last $12 tail. We have no more. And with one of the other venders buying up our $9 tails we will not really be having to many of them. So it looks like $9 hood ruffs will be our big seller next year. (big as in size not as in a great seller) Wow who could have guessed that i would have sold out of all my stuff on saturday and sunday in the tail inventory. I really didn't have any tails except for the $5 ones for monday. (and smaller) its still so odd.

Many years ago a man that runs the actors out at fair, put out a decree that no actor was allowed to buy any tails to add on to there costume. they of course bought them any ways but i still remember him and his rule. Well its funny how he had to ask us for some thing for his Phantom Feast that he will be running out at fair the next few weeks, (http://www.kcrenfest.com/Phantom's%20Feaste.htm) A human spine. Tho i must say hearing the words "i need a spine" coming out of his mouth is kind of funny. But we on monday figured a way to create a spine. Ah yes it was made of many different bones but we got that frankenspine made up and its brother. That means a few dollars off our frontage fee next year. thank ghod since we have one of the larger shops and with the electricity and now trash service fee's we are paying out more than $2,000, closer to $3,000. that my friends is a lot of tail selling. no wonder i feel like a pimp some times.

Saturday and sunday the weather was nice so of course it being the last week end, we had lots of people out. Some points in time i had people 3 or 4 deep trying to shove money at me. This is a good thing. thankfully Anton was on my end because he would come out and help out, which would get him also a few people deep. Man as i said this is a good thing. Some of the people that was out was from other ren fairs and buying tails from us because we was cheaper. Seems some of our other people that we sell 2 have the tails up to $20 or $25 a piece. Wow. One couple was from the Pirate festival and bought some of the tails to give to the people out there so they don't have to spend a lot of money for them. That was nice i thought.

As i said a lot of people was out and i sold through my tails. So monday i was real low. I didn't think about the bad side of this for the consumer till one group of people come to our booth. I watched on monday the king come to our booth. he asked for the "largest tail you have" and searched through our selection. I was out of all the larger fox tails and told him so. He talked to his guards about which one he should get for "her". I being the normal sails man i am asked who the tail was for. May be it was for the queen or some one else. he looks at me and under his breath says, "ladyhawk". I started to laugh and said "You screwed up didn't you". "Big time" was his reply. We settled on our largest otter tail and a part of his costume jewelry. (the gold and jeweled cross around his neck) Carol took and sewed it on for him. Now for those that don't know when you go in to Lady Hawks booth, if you look up, you will see a large selection of tails hanging up in the rafters. Each one is a gift to her, in return for some thing that a person forgot at her booth. Its one of the funniest things to see. I love when people come down and say they was sent by ladyhawk.

food was good this week end. For supper on saturday we had cornish game hens with wild rice, and for sunday we had beef brisket (raised on Anton and Cindy's land) with new potatoes, and baby carrots. Oh my ghod it was good. Thats why i enjoy it out there. Good food and good friends. (oh and good beer as well) But it being last week end there was a lot of people out having a party. Went up the hill with the bosses to the royal flushers and heard gun fire on the other side of the grounds near the SCA dell. When we was coming back a set of car light come rushing at us. if i had not backed up in to the barbarians forrest i would have been hit by the car. it was the site manager seeing if we was causing the gun fire, we pointed her down the opposite area. She thanked us and went on her way. I still would have liked it if she had apologized for almost running me over. Tho i understand where she was coming from.

people was out in costumes again. Saw a group of gypsies , saw 2 people dressed in the costumes representing the beauty and the beast cartoon from disney. (the yellow dress she wears when they dance together) Some other people dressed up. I saw a few Jack Sparrows. One i will say had a good voice, tho they looked like a cartoon version of Jack. No the best person that i saw was actually the young girl that was dressed up as Jack Sparrow. She even had the beard and mustache on. I really liked the look on her. And as my boss said, Jack sparrow has a feminine side to him, so may be that was why she did so well. of course getting to know people out there you learn a few things. The Jack Sparrow look alike they have out at fair wondering around with Barbosa, was not out there a few week ends ago. The reasoning was he was at a wild west shooting event. Yep he does wild west reenactments. How funny is that.

I'm getting people addicted to fur. I let them pet that sheared and plucked beaver and they melt. i laughed at one persons reactions, she people come stiff, turned and walked away. She come back later and said that she had to walk away because she was so afraid to what she would have done if she kept petting such soft fur. i laughed at this. But there is a dark side to fur, especially when it brings out the inner stupid of people. And this is not just talking about people with the views of dead animals and the killing of animals. You see the person i am talking about had his eyes opened to the joy of fur by his girlfriend Rachel. And how do i know his girlfriends name? He told every one. he was constantly holding on to her and yelling almost how wonderful she was and thats why he liked her. She turned him on to the joys of fur when she allowed him to touch a sheep skin she had. She was wanting to shop but he kept trying to pull her around and she would tell him to let go, or stop. He kept going on and on. Bouncing all over. finally he went to shop next door at the chain mail booth. he was not gone more than 30 seconds before he was back trying to get her to move on. I swear he was humping her like a dog does a leg at one point in time. I felt so sorry for her. i don't see the reason they was together other than the fact she had been paid, or he was black mailing her.....

some times customers can think of some of the most unique questions. here is a few of them....

Customer: "Is this a wolf face or mouse face?" (it was a fox face they was looking at)

C: "How many dead animals did you kill for this fur?" (yes these are undead fur, had to stake it)

C:"Is this a natural color or is it died?" (um yeah, fox is not normally blue, so i'm thinking color manipulation)

C: "Do you accept money or do you only take credit cards?" (Money makes no enemies, lets be friends)

C:"is this dead?" (pointing to a skull on the wall)

C:"Doesn't this bother you that they killed the animal?" (this while gnawing on a turkey leg)

And so ends the tails for the 2008 season....


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Oct. 15th, 2008 05:37 pm (UTC)
I saw you there several time but you were always busy.
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