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What is the sound of one hand decaying....

Life will always follow death, as death will always follow life. This is not some thing that will ever change, and nor should it. I have come to the conclusion that its a great out look on your every day thoughts. A man dies, yet his memory lives on in the minds of people for years to come. I remember watching a bum die when i sat in a room, looking out a window of a hotel at a convention. While I did not know who he was i still remember him. He still goes forth as a memory. he is also not forgotten by the police man that found him dead, or the ambulance driver that coverd his head with a sheet. He is not forgotten by any of the other fans that saw him die....

And yet his body didn't just expire. it taught us the frailty of the human body and how age, and unhealthy life can cause a ending. He was not surounded by family, not surounded by friends, just strangers. All part of a bigger circle. he was like a skin cell that died off a giant body. Part of him was left behind tho it was not noticed at the time.

I'm not sure why i am conteplating this thought. I have just been thinking on it for a while. I'm not sure if it will go any where...


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