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Some thing is wrong here....

I had not posted this yet, been to busy. On thursday i had a couple writing a list of stuff in my department. I asked if they needed to see some thing out of the case they was looking in to that they just needed to ask. "Oh no, we are just writing a wish list out." I told them to wish for a million dollars. The lady points to a kid (6 or 7 year old boy) that is sleeping in the cart and proceeds to tell me... "I wish he was not dying of brain cancer." I told them that was a good wish. This is where they started to lose me tho. They had found out on tuesday that there son is dying. The school his two sisters go to has told the family they will buy the girls christmas gifts, and that they have free lunch and breakfast for the rest of there school career at that school. Their church is buying then a nitendo wii for the girls. the guy works for quick trip and one guy that runs a pawn shop took and asked if there was any thing he could get for them to let him know. They asked for a camcorder, in which the guy got them. Now this is less than 2 days since they found out about the son and the brain cancer. I have noticed on thing, they have not mentioned any thing for the son. At this point in time my relief for the first break i am to have for the day has come over. I go to break, but before i do i told the family I hope that things get better for them all. The mother looks at her son, points and says "Not for him." I walked away. The family has used the son as a way to gain things. Plus instead of having some hope for their son, they have all but sentenced him to death.


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Dec. 7th, 2008 04:29 pm (UTC)
I don't ever want to have a kid dying of cancer (or anything else) but I'm guessing the first wish for most people would be to spoil their son with everything he could possibly want for his last days.
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