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responses for the art that i gave away...

1.Got it and it's beautiful. Thanks so much.
2.Got mine last night! Thanks
3.Thank you, Jimmy, she's gorgeous!!
4.I got mine before I left for Hutch. Thanks so much. I thought the card it was in was neat, too.
5.I got a whole box full of art from jimmy_hollaman! Squee! Thank you, Jimmy! <3
6.Squeeeeeeee! I just got mine today. I love it! Thank you, Jimmy! *hugs and kisses*
7.Mine came yesterday. Thank you so much. I had to show it to Linda right away.
8.As I informed you earlier, I got mine, and am still speechless. Wow. Those of you who didn't take advantage of the opportunity, you really missed out.

yep 8 people responded and have now in there hands art work that was done from my mind. now you are probable asking your self what did they get. Was it a precocious moments? Was it some polaroid art? was it some thing new and interesting? what did he do that made people squee with joy? Well as number 8 said you missed out. but i have been thinking about that. I want to do it again. So if you want some free art then give me your address in the reply section. Once again they will be screened and not sold to any one. it will be taken and erased after the envelope has been addressed. So what are you waiting for sign up to get some free art today...

I will also allow people that got art the last time to sign up again.


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