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tails from ren fair 1

"See, I told you I would get you some tail out here." -mother to her child

Saturday i got to fair. Went to through the back ad got to the booth just in time to set up a little and get stuff thought out. First thing that i noticed was a large skull on the counter. A hippo skull. It seems the bosses had got a better one and they didn't need 3 in their collection. So they decided to sell this one. Other new things was wild english boars, hair sheep, another type of long haired sheep that i can't remember, and a few other things. The tails are still there on my end and in colors this year. (last year we could not get them in colors) Carol was missing from the booth as she was working on a play. She was missed, let me tell you. Not only personally (hey we love our carol, she is a great person) She also has most of the tools it seems. Some thing we had no idea about.

Fair was so different. the neighbors have changed so much. i will not go into the whole thought on the barbarian battle people. lets just say Jim is definitely no longer there. As for the chainmail booth next door... well part of the group has went to their own booth, because of some reason. But the rest was pretty much the same. Jude my potter friend had to go make stuff since she had not done any thing for the year. Her father had died and she was able to live on the money he left her. She had just been doing art and writing.

the crowds was interesting out at fair. We had more questions about PETA this week end, than i have heard in years. Usually we have one a week end, but we had at least 8 people ask. Sigh. Had one person that looked like a marlin manson shemale gothling. was ok looking till you got to the hair. Oh my ghod it looked so bad. Most of the people that bought tails was doing so for naka-kon. Oh but i did get to see a lot of people i knew out at fair. Got to see Gerald, Dee, Ken, and a lot of other people. One person i got to see, i had not seen in over 13 years. Rob Stone the weaver. he use to be out at fair for years and then moved. him, his wife and daughter was at fair. Oh and i also had to step out of the booth to see one of my bosses from walmart. She had come out with her kids. She mentioned i worked harder out there than i do at walmart. I told her i like it out at fair better. : )

i guess there is a disturbing thing down at the old SCA area. well disturbing to the person that told me about it. it seems they have a dance group that does a lot of stuff from a jungle culture. Part of it has to do with hunting humans and yep eating them. i would like to see it. but it disturbed one friend down in that area.

A interesting t-shirt that one of the booth seen asked do Vegetarians eat animal crackers? good question.

Sold the hippo skull. it was a good thing, took to much of the space from that side of the counter. Also sold one of the wild boars. had a really nice ram with a great set of horns. it sold as well. Still have the wildebeast skull. man, i wish some one would buy the damn thing. of course the $400 price tag does slow people down. The skull flowers are doing well. i still can't believe my idea is still going strong.

good to see people i know out there. but missed the people that are not there. You could tell for some the heart of the fair has been ripped out some....

No conversations that stood out this week....


Sep. 10th, 2009 06:21 pm (UTC)
Welcome back to the fair! Maybe one of these days I'll get back out there myself. :)


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