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Tails from ren fair 4

"Look babe, here is what i am thinking ..." - Jim the Barbarian

This weeks tails from ren fair will be a little different. (oh and sorry i never got the one for last week wrote up. i just got side tracked) i'm not sure how this will turn out, so bare with me... First off, it was a good start to the week end. a crisp autumn day and the sun was out. Sadly it had rained the night before. This meant the paths was a little mucky. This slowed the people up a little bit. Thankfully it did not stop them from shopping. We did pretty good for the week end, tho not as good as past years. Sold the hell out of the tails. man, did we go through a lot of them. Sharon the bosses daughter, who makes money by doing up my tail chains will need to almost double up on her work. went through a chain of our $1,$3,$7.$9,and $15 fox tails. this is a good thing, since our sails out there help them survive through the winter.

Skull did not fly off the wall till sunday. thank ghod they started going. it was pathetic. its great to see some of the cool ones go. i was lusting after a $110 ram skull, but have no place to go with it. thankfully sunday it sold. This was good, now i did not have to take it home with me and most likely end up breaking it. (i know i would have ended up breaking the nose loops on it) Saw a few furs leave that was really nice. I'm glad they got good homes.

Mike the guy i use to sell tails with gave me a really great gift. A jacket that he bought around 10 years ago that was just cool as hell. well it has been sitting in his closet for years now and thought i could give it a good home. oh heck yah i can do that. its a nice coat, but like most of the stuff i like in style it is most likely over 100 years old. (finding info on the net says it might be one from around 1885) So of course me being the fool i am, i wore it all day saturday...

Saturday night we had grilled pork and pineapple. Oh it was good. We also had a dinner guest. a few actually. Tracy and her girlfriend Noreen showed up. But it was Mary Hill that made the night the most interesting. Mary Hill was partners with Jim the Barbarian in what use to be known as Barbarian battles. After his death, and some things happened she is still doing the battles err selling the weapons. She ate with us, and staid to talk. We talked about the days business and how well or not well we did. it was all good. Then the subject went to Jim. There was some very funny stories and one that i actually loved hearing. I have pointed out that Jim always sounded like he was from Hollywood. "Babe" was some thing i heard him use a lot, while he was talking. There was a secret reason behind this. Jim was bad at names. So he would call them Babe, Honey, Sweetie and a few other thing. Ghod this was funny to find out.

Jim was a great cook. And my bosses had got invited to a dinner prepared by Jim. A 7 course meal, plated and perfect. Half way through Mary Hill (who was there) was saying some thing about being full. Jim replied "Suck it up Hill, there is 3 more courses." Some thing the bosses had remembered and laughed at for a while now. Mary asked about us. how did we all know Anton and Cindy. This also brought a laugh to every one. A few of us have known him since 1979, basically just out of the military. he was a little Scary back then. Then the rest of us had got to meet him and Cindy both when they started working the ren fair. This brought up another person that use to work ren fair and how 2 of the women both had dated him. Bub was a short little pervert, with a heart of gold. We talked about him for a while. it was good to remember the people that have passed, it was good to have people still around that remember the past.

Now the final part of this weeks tails is going to be a story. but i can't say the names of the people. Its a little personal, but it shows a reason why fandom, and ren fairs, are good for people. this persons child had always been different. they was made fun of in school and had some quirks of there own that they dealt with. They was shy and usually staid to them selves, never really being a teen. they never fit in. Till one day some one recommended they try out for a part of the ren fair. There parent took them up to the audition. Since parents are not allowed in tot he auditions this one sat and stared through a window. There they saw the child that had always been different and shy change. This teen kid was dancing and laughing with other folks. this kid was happy. It dawned on the parent what had happened. The kid was a zebra, running with horses. Never fitting in. they had finally got to run with other zebras...


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