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tails from ren fair 5

"There is a big difference between head and tail"- person talking about fox heads and tails

Ya just got to love race way week end. Always a fun time getting out to fair. I got out a little early, and helped do the last of the set up. A big day of sales. No big skulls but lots of tails. Wow do i mean a lot of tails. Always a fun time when you are busy. Skull sales was good on sunday. sold 6 in a row off the wall. had to remember later on in the day that i had sold one. That was interesting. Thankfully i remembered the hat that the guy wore. (always a bad thing to tackle a person to get skulls back)

We had a odd person taking pictures. He stood in our booth and took photos of behind our counter. Cindy made him stop. he left and then went down a ways, (he was at Astral seas) and started taking pictures again of the booth. He had a telephoto lens so we have no idea who or what he was shooting at. We stopped one of the security but he was not interested in us telling him. Thankfully Kent come by and we told him about the guy. To tell you how creepy he was, i was creeped out by him. And that for those that know me take a lot.

It was good to see people, and i mean alot of people. First it was the week end that the Old Oak Hart craft guild people decided to do a reunion. Yep this is the booth i started working at faire oh so many years ago. Good to see some of them. One In particular. Jessie was the daughter of a friend and I had not seen her for years. She showed up. 10 years ago she left to go to chicago for college and then went to work in Arizona. She has gotten more beautiful, i always new she would be. but also saw Jim and Margene, Roger and Cathy, Kerri, and about 20 other people. Very good to see people... (seeing Susi in mundane clothing was interesting. I think that was my first time seeing her that way)

tails are going to be short this week as nothing happened. (that or i can't actually talk about what happened. I can say tho that i do love this time of year. Ren faire time is always special for me. And when it starts to become fall and the weather turns cool... i just love it.


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Oct. 7th, 2009 01:56 pm (UTC)
*chuckle* Yeah, I really do have legs....

Good to see you, too, dear!
Oct. 7th, 2009 04:06 pm (UTC)
Hope to make it back out next mon for the afternoon.
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