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tails from ren fair 7

Final week end. and just like the first week end we are with out Carol. She got the flu. Thankfully the bosses brought down there oldest daughter to help. She became a asset when it come to the credit card machine. she got taught how to do the cards so her mother could take and help at the end of the booth where Carol usually is. it was a interesting little experiment in mayhem. And as the week end went on the more people that showed up. By Sunday afternoon it was like the old days. not able to see in front of the booth more than a few feet because of all the people. We could have used the people for the few weeks before...

Sales was interesting. Some for warmth, some for the last minute stuff to get them through the year till next fair. But they did buy. Tho because of the cold on saturday the extra tails was really not needed. Sigh. i did have a person try to trade in a tail that they bought last year. I almost wanted to ask if they thought we did cash for clunkers, but decided they would not understand. It was a rather interesting thought on what was going out of the booth. A few items that don't sell, finally did. all in all it was a good week end.

We had a scare at one point in time. the credit card of one person disappeared. After a 10 minute ram sack of the place the card was seen by monie on the floor of the booth. It was near the edge where the door is and had got hit by some fur when Sharon walked through the door way. The lady who's card it was said it was ok, but we was a little shook up. of course this happened on one of the busiest times on sunday.

Saturday Me, Sharon the bosses daughter, and Tara a friend from another booth went up to the front gate to represent the booths for a memorial for Jim the Barbarian's memorial. We got up near the front gate and stood with the group of Barbarians. i could not see any thing but they was doing the last of the closing. It was a little weird since the last time i had went to a closing of the fair day... well Jim and Verna was king and queen. Interesting to see that they did the same stuff still. While some things change, some things stay the same. They unveiled a picture of Jim, that i think did not look like him, but it was a nice that they did it. Afterwards they did a fireworks show which was nice for the last minute thing. (the guys was told to get the stuff oh on tuesday the before the event) we had started our way back to the booth when we stopped to hear the toast they was doing to Jim. We stood next to Precious the Barbarian. Alex (aka Precious) had been loved buy Jim, for being a bright and cheerful person. He had always liked the costume that Alex wore. Tara and I hugged Alex. He was not taking it well. i could understand why. Jim was a great guy and well missed. We all walked to our booths. It was a little weird.

Got to see a lot of people on the last week end. Margene and Jim, Bobby and Chris (part of my family) and many more. but then it hit me. i had not seen a few of our regulars this year. My civil war optometrist friend, the teacher, the Dr.'s wife. A few others had not shown up.

All in all it was a very good year...

the final conversation is from the out of the mouths of babes. My brother in law told of a cure for the flu. You are to take and cut a onion in half and place them in to each room. (3 rooms equal 3 onions)

Anton: what if your allergic to onions?
Brother in-law: What?
A: What if your allergic to onions?
Niece: Just suck it up!
A: Shocked look on his face and laughing... Why you little


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