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tails from ren fair!

"I would end up rubbing my beaver bald"-lady talking about how she would end up petting all the fur off her sheared beaver pelt she was looking at....

Saturday started off with a bang. Got to fair and all the stuff was up and ready to go. Then BANG! Canon goes off and we start one of the longest days i have ever seen. No one was out at fair. At noon there was so little people that i think you could have shot a canon with nails and never hit any one. Sales was craptastick at my end of the booth. Some of the factors for no one there. 6 different events happening in the same area. It was hot as hell. I was so ashamed to even hand over my pouch it was that bad. i should have known it was going to be bad when my first set of tails was set back till the girl had the money from the job she had that started that day. Thankfully, sunday and monday was a hell of a lot better. i think we had record sales on the skull wall today. (monday) it was a little weird weather wise as well. So hot one day cold enough you should drink hot tea or cocoa to help keep the chill off.

Seen a lot of people out at fair, to many to actually say here. To all of you it was good to see ya out there. One person i got to see was not out there. It was good to see said person tho they told me that they was not suppose to be there. Told family they was going to be some place else so they didn't have to take and bring others with them. So to them i say hi, glad not to see ya. Another friend who has a shop was out there. Not unusual you would think. She just got out of the hospital a few days before fair, she has meningitis. She is doing better thank ghod...

Sales was slow but good by the end of the week end. Thankfully we had a few people come in on this slow week end that normally take and buy new beads each year for a necklace they have been making over the years. My end of the booth has some tails but not a lot on some price ranges. Since the tails have become popular at Anime cons, and other ren fairs the prices have gone through the roof. Sadly also some country has started using rabbit hides for some thing and so rabbits have gone up in price as well. My end of the booth was also kind of small as well because a whole sale customer come through right before fair and bought every thing. That and we had a customer that ordered 10 buffalo skulls. These take up a lot of space. space that we could of had other inventory. le sigh...

The people that was out there was a little off. Tho some was just crazy enough to be fun. Tho you still get the people that take and want to tell you there life history. We had a lot of people that said they would be back. They actually was back and bought the big items they was looking at. very rarely do you actually have the be backers return. Had a small kid may be 7 or 8 that was really on the ball. He pointed at a buffalo toe and told his mother thats what it was. He had not even read the tag. his mother got it for him. One family was in and bought their 3rd cow skull. It seems each kid has bought one for the last few years because they want to decorate their rooms with them. I like their style.

The bosses got me the large skull vodka bottle! This is cool, i love it. They had looked at some thing else but didn't pick it up because they was afraid i didn't have room. A adolescent coffin. I told them if they wanted to pick it up i would make room. So next year i might have a new casket for the collection. my bosses know me well. they know i like the odd... Speaking of odd, it seems we have connections to the Oddities show. Yep. It seems that one of Cindy's clients that buys a lot of our bones and skulls was talking to her about watching the show on a certain date. There was a woman on that they buy a lot of bone items from. She is buying the stuff from the client that buys them from us. So this means the stuff i sell could actually be seen at some time on the show. how cool is that.

A funny thing happens when you work out at ren fair. after a while things are so normal that you don't think any more. standing at my friend Becky's booth and a lady walks up. She was needing her chain mail top taken in a little since she lost some weight. She takes her top off (has a small bra cup covering the nipple area down, but just barely) and handed it over to Becky. Two guys are standing there and they pay no attention. the girls both said hello, boobs on display here. the guys look over say their pleasantries and go back to talking. It was funny. normal people would not have been able to talk with that much distraction but a rennie, After you have seen it for almost 20 years it becomes old hat. :) Not that we don't appreciate a good view, its just becomes so normal.

Mulch has not always been used on the roads out at fair. Sadly for many years tho it has. We found out some info on it. Blame the public it seems. Yep they had used a type of rock out there that was really nice but the public said it sucked so they put down mulch. or so it is said. There is another thing that points to the owner not liking it. Sigh... the mulch has changed as well, from square looking chips that didn't float to this free crap they get that all but destroys it self and becomes dirt. Dirt that turns to mud when it rains, mud that is then covered in mulch, see the circle there kids, i know you could.

Ok so its now come to the part of the tails that i tell you about a single conversation. This week its a short and simple one but it shows so much of the way people think. Now i have talked with people out at fair and i know if they are of a simple mind or have a disability. After 20 years i know when a person is asking a stupid question because they are drunk. Then there is the questions that come out of the mouth of the very dumb. This is is one of those questions. Let me set it up for you. My end of the booth has around 40 to 50 deer, goat, hog, and many other type skulls hanging. A slightly large guy comes up to the area and is looking at the skulls and points at the wall looks me in the eye and asked the following.
"Are these dead?"
I kid you not folks he was serious about it. Told him not they was dead and he was ok with it and wondered off.

till next time...


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Sep. 6th, 2011 01:44 pm (UTC)
I need to stop by to tell Cindy thank you for the beautiful job she did with Fetish Kitty.
Sep. 6th, 2011 03:09 pm (UTC)
Some one stopped by and was saying how wonderful we had done on Fetish. Thought that was nice that they even liked it.
Sep. 6th, 2011 03:23 pm (UTC)
Sep. 6th, 2011 03:39 pm (UTC)
Wait, they're ALL dead? You haven't reanimated ANY of them?

So disappointing ...
Sep. 6th, 2011 06:15 pm (UTC)
sad but true. They would cost to much if we did though.
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