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Went to Planet Comicon

I went to the Comicon on Saturday with Sherri. Our reason was to just have fun and see people. We stepped in and not even 5 minutes in we was already seeing people we know. I had a few things i needed to do during the con. One, meet Felix Silla. He was Cousin It in the original Addams Family tv show. Two, meet Dan Parent, who drew up the Veronica comic where they introduced Kevin Keller the gay charactor to the archie gang of friends. And third to meet Tim Sale and get the copy of The Long Halloween (issue 3) signed. Plus i wanted to find some of the comic books i have been looking for. First saw Tim Sale, and he had a line. So next was Dan Parent. Was able to get my copies signed of the 2 Kevin stuff i had and then he had a book with all of the Kevin Story arc in it. Sherri stopped and shopped at some different places as well. We finally got to the area where the actors was. Edward James Olmos, Billy Dee Williams, Erin Grey and a bunch of others was there. But i was only focused to meet Felix. So i get to his table and there is a single person there. Getting pictures taken with him and talking. I waited and finally got to talk with him. What a nice man, and such a kind soul. he signed 3 different pictures of him as Cousin it. I was so happy. Then i got to get my picture taken with him. I was a happy camper.

Got to see lots of people, and meet some others. At the end of the day my wallet was empty, but i enjoyed my self. Got to meet Angus Oblong, of the Oblongs fame. Oh and finally got the Tim Sale comic signed. He had a small line of people and most was buts, getting things signed to increase the value on e-bay. One guy had around 50 comics. woof it was sad. Tim just kept signing them all. I then placed my single comic after all these collectors did theirs small and large stacks. He then asked if i wanted it just signed or if i wanted it personalized. I said personalize it. He did, and took more time than he did with the other guys. this made me laugh a little. It was a great time....



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