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Halloween is coming.

Halloween is coming. Small stuff starts hitting our store and it gets me excited. First the Halloween craft/food idea magazines. Next a few of the Drew's famous Halloween cds come out. I usually put them out on arrival so i can buy the ones i don't have. I take my last of vacation so i use it or loose before september 19th. On one of those wednesday before i go back, usually the second wednesday, the Halloween stores is open and i start going in and feeding my addiction. i start buying up stuff as supplies for other stuff I do in the year. A bloody hand here, a skull or 3 there. It builds up to Halloween night when i get to give out candy.

I start acting like a kid who starts seeing the christmas tree being put up with presents placed under it. I see a pumpkin and i start to get giddy. Halloween songs and sound effects start playing and i am all happy. I have sat and listened to Songs of the season on cable where they play non stop halloween music for almost 10 hours straight, i have listened and slept to spooky sound effect tapes. Halloween is in my blood.

I hurt my back once and it happened at Halloween. I was not able to go out tricker treating. I was sad,but i got to give out the candy which i got to see the costumes of all the people i would have passed.

Scary and spooky movies come on tv, some that only play that one time a year. It makes me feel like when people get to see the original Miracle on 34th street or the one version of a christmas carol. i get to go by this guys house on cracker neck road where he has a great halloween display in his side yard. i go during the day to get shots of all the stuff. Usually going more than once a year to get photos of his new stuff.

I know i will never be able to tell any one just how much i like Halloween. It is such a great time of year. And i am very picky on my stuff. I want it to look good even if it is the $1 stuff. If it is not good, i don't like it. Halloween is a way of life for me...


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