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I don't give a crap any more....

Warning, the following is stuff that I am getting off my chest.

I have so many things in my head lately. I'm constantly being bombarded with negative things at work, real life, and even on social media. I see friends back stab other friends, all the while smiling and talking to the people that they will say negative stuff about 5 seconds after the person leaves. This has got me to hating things that don't have any thing to do with me. I see people take and start to put them selves on pedestals, looking down on others in Fandom, work, and other parts of my life. I work/worked on such and such project. I know (put persons name here). I did this work so I am better than you. The publishing company i work for (Yard Dog Press) has people look down on it because they are not Tor, or any of the other big presses. People treat them at cons like the a red headed step child. It saddens me to see this happen, but it does. At work, I see so many people befriend a manager to get special favors and such. They don't do any more work, but they are put higher on list for things because they are special little snowflakes. I hate the fact i can't tell people to knock the crap off because I would take and cause more trouble for me, my friends, and in some cases family. I try to keep clear of the politics of things and groups.

So lately i have had to come up with a new out look on things, "I don't give a sh*t". I don't care that you're a Manager, a Assistant Manager, a person that runs part of a ren fair, a big name fan, famous big name writer, or a SMOF, you put your pants on one leg at a time. (or as a friend says, you can look at a person and remember they have crapped their pants at some time) I wanna see people be treated equally. Just because my name is not Neil Gaiman or George RR Martin, does not mean that the stuff I have written is not enjoyed by a reader. (I have signed a few books for fans of my stories) Oh and don't expect me to be awed by your power either. It doesn't empress me at all. The other day at work i helped the district manager of my walmart store with a customer. (he is over a 4 state region, so a "big wig") I didn't know who he was, just helped him with a customer he was struggling with. Found out who he was when a assistant manager was freaking out about him being there. (all he was there to do was to help out the store on the tax free week end)

In the end, what I am saying is... treat people, all people with the same respect. Don't think you are any better than the person next to you. To quote the Bill and Ted movies, "Be excellent to each other."


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