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Tails from Ren Fair week 2

Due to the heat, the week end was slow. Sales every where was sucktacular and ours would have been worse that it was if it had not been for a girl that bought a bear skin. Plus the week end started on a sad note. So I'm doing some thing different this week on the tails from ren fair. I am going to basically go with the exploring of ren faire and why I like it with the topic of death.

Over the years I have become friends with many people out at fair. Some move on with their lives others stick around, and some have died. off the top of my head i can think of about 9 people, but if i tried, I could remember more. Each of those people touched the hearts of hundred's of ren fair workers and mundanes. I remember the first person I knew that died from out there. I only knew her as one of the pagan lesbian grandmas. She did silver casted jewelry out of animals and wax carvings. She made this great bat bracelet that she used a real bat to cast it. I was sad when she died. No longer would I see such great works of art.

As i got older and started to work at Cats Paw (the fur and bead booth i work for) I got to know and become closer to some of the people out there. This made their deaths even harder. They was good customers, but better yet, they was friends. I miss going down to the SCA Dell and throwing the Atlatl. So much fun. The gentleman we would throw with bought all of his family bear skins from us. (8 all together if I am thinking right)

I had worked for years out at fair when my parents was asked by a friend to come out there and watch her pottery shop. Gloria owned Sweetwood Pottery. My family met Gloria down at Silver Dollar City and become friends with her. She invited my parents over to her house in sugar creek just 10 minutes from our house. She started out at fair and needed help, so she thought of my parents. My mother would take pottery in trade for working for her. Our house is filled with many pieces of pottery. My parents worked for her for 12 years. She stopped doing the show. We staid close to her through the years.

On saturday morning we got out to fair this week end and got set up. my dad wandered off to go see some friends and was back really quick. He told me that Gloria had died. This was a bad way to start the day. later on the fairs craft coordinator took and wrote up a full page thing on Gloria for the crafters news letters. It was so surreal. I'm still processing it.

Life goes on. The death of a fellow rennie does not stop the day from happening. We still plow through the day, working hard. Only after the day is through do we really get to talk about the person that is missing from out there, how we will miss them. As the years pass and new people start those that have passed on are forgotten. But those of us that are still around after all these years, keep them in our hearts. We tell the stories of what happened. We help keep their memory alive.

So to those that have died over the years, i raise my glass. Eian, Tallon, Snot (of Puke and Snot), Jim the Barbarian , and all the rest I keep you in my thoughts every year out at fair. I will be adding Gloria to that list now.

fair the well my friends, thanks for all that you done...


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Sep. 9th, 2013 02:18 pm (UTC)
Oh NO, just hearing of it now. Such sad news.

There are many more names, too. Jeannie Dybdahl, who had been area manager in the Dunwoodie Dell area, who died so suddenly after that horse-riding accident.

Owain Phyfe, amazing musician, passed away last year and is sorely missed for his gentle smile and wonderful, pure voice. I got to sing with him at Norman Medieval Faire and will never forget the amazing compliment he gave me.

Then just last week, Ingrid Wendt of Medieval Moccasins, died; I knew her from Scarby.

So many, but death is the other end of the loop of life, isn't it?

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