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Tails from Ren Fair week 3

"I love beaver!"- woman who was feeling some of the plucked and sheared beaver

Lots better than last week end. 100% better. I had a lot more people that was willing to buy this week end. Good thing because we needed the sales. Saturday morning i got in a little late because of a detour but still on time for getting ready for the day. Was a long day for working with the public, and you had to take and hold some of them by their hands to sell them some thing. Tho it was good to see some of our regulars. We have been dealing with a young lady, I would say early to mid teens, and she likes to create with fur. She has become a regular at the booth. Good to see her. Plus some of our regular bead buyers was in.

This week was a good week for the sell of skulls. a Greater Kudu skull, two blesbok, one red hartebeest, 2 large deers, a large mountain goat skull, and a few others was off the wall and post. Not to mention the ones from the other end. Amazing for the week end. One skull I almost took, but ended up selling it later on. it was a deer skull that had the bullet still in the skull. Just way cool

Every once in a while we get new things that a customer says that.... well is just so off the wall. This week end was a first in a long time that a customer said some thing that made us go WTF. I had a person say. "This tail still has claws in it." err what? This got me to wondering how many tails have they seen with claws. Never seen any in my life time.

People need to learn to look in a mirror some times before they go out to fair. Plus over sharing of info is not good as well. A woman was out wearing a purple scarf for a top and a pair of jeans... panties. I say jean panties because she had them cut off extra short, plus they was so small that they was not zipped up. her boy friend the big spender bought her 2 $5 tails to wear. She was excited and jabbering on how she was going to wear the tails on her thong at the strip club. The belly over hang and tattoos did not make it any better.

Costumes was out and about. I am beginning to thing that Dr. Who has taken over the spot of Star Trek people out at fair. Way back when i started there would be a few trek people come out to fair. Saw 3 Doctors and one Tardis out there. 4 guys wearing those full body suits in different colors. Lots of anime costumes, I mean at least 30 of them. A few elves and fairies. Oh, and Superman and Captain America.

Got to see lots of friends out there. To many to mention so i wont. For those i got to see, it was great seeing you.

So why have I have been out at fair for so long? What makes me come back? Way back when, before i worked out there, I liked to watch the acts and listen to the music. Lord Lion Fire would use fireworks to tell his tales of magical wonder. Sadly these days he would not be able to do it because of insurance and stuff, but back then it was just so cool. Then there was Phoenix the worlds worst mime. (he talked) Would do acts of magic for kids. He used me to help him once in a ball in the tube trick. never forgot that.

When i started to work out there I would go and see different acts that was out there. Axel and the Knave, Maid in the Middle, and oh so many others that i can't even come to name them all. It was where I saw Puck and Snot for the first time. I was a sucker for the old vaudeville type stuff they did. Then at the end of the day i would go to the front gate for the last huzzah. I always made sure I was up there before the last song. Up over the front part of the gate was where the King and Queen would stand and Verna, who was the queen at the time, would sing the last song called Parting Friends.

Farewell, my friends, I'm bound for Canaan,
I'm trav'ling through the wilderness;
Your company has been delightful,
You, who doth leave my mind distressed.
I go away, behind to leave you,
Perhaps never to meet again,
But if we never have the pleasure,
I hope we'll meet on Canaan's land.

I loved it. That was the one song i had to hear at the end of the day. Oh there was other songs i liked, but that one just seemed so right. And i must confess, i think she owned that song. i have heard other people sing the song, but it never hits me like when she sang it.

So may be it is the music and acts that bring me back. May be, But I have been working in the booth for so long that i don't get to see any acts any more. We get some acts that play the bridge or a stage in front of us about 150 yards, but nothing really. I have not heard the last huzzah in a long time either. i still have the memories tho. So thank you to all of the people that have done acts, performed music, or been a street performer out at fair. You have made the days out there enjoyable.


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