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Tails from Ren Fair week 4

"Thats to big for any of the holes I have." Guy talking about a chicken skull being to big for his shadow box he owns.

Weather was cool but felt good, lot better than the heat advisory days a few week ends ago. Soon the leaves will change and fall on the ground. A sight I like to see, tho it saddens me because it means the end of fair. Got to the booth and started my day. First thing i noticed was the new gator skins that we had. (green, red, and black) Then the rest of the new leather come out. Ostrich, elephant, hippo, elk, moose, cape buffalo, and salmon was added to the line up. Kind of cool, tho some was disturbing colors. A elk hide that was dyed elephant gray and then elephant leather dyed blue.

Sales was good, tho Saturday you had to work the crowds a lot. Sold the bear skull, a Ankole skull, a large ram, a few deer, a few goats, a few buffalo and some other small skulls. Sold lots of tails of course as well. A few bones and articulations also sold which is not bad. One guy was a older gentleman that was excited about the bag of bones because he was going to be able to recreate the "really interesting piece of art" he had seen. There was a few other people that bought supplies for "projects" that they had/wanted to do. This includes one couple that comes back every week end with a new project and paws through every thing. I did like one ladies thought. She kept saying she should not be buying the stuff because she knew all she was going to do with it was place it in the closet with the other "projects" she had, then never touch it again. Hey at least she is honest with her self.

I had double the amount of visitors this week end. Great seeing you all. (once again, way to many, but you know who you are) I do love seeing you all, thank you for stopping by.

Oh you guys and your wacky costumes. Saw my first Trek uniform for the year. Also out this week end was a few girls in Lolita dresses. One was Captain America, another was dead bunnies, and I didn't get to see the rest up close enough. A lot more fantasy warrior costumes than usual. Tho I think the one that took the cake for oddest costume was the My Little Pony unicorn costume. (a better week end to wear it than the first few) Saw a few halloween costumes as well. Nothing that stood out like the MLP unicorn.
As i have said before it is my 26th year out at fair. more than half my life has spent working out there. I often wonder if it is the people that bring me back. On sunday our booth was visited by 2 friends of the shop. Chuck and Murph. For years they use to sell willow furniture that they made out there, then they left for a while, got back in selling brooms and walking sticks. I had heard Chuck had some medical issues and thats why they was not out there. Turns out Chuck had his left leg amputated. Thankfully he had some friends that loaned him a electric scooter type chair so he could come out to fair. Murph like her feisty self. Both was in good spirits, which is a good thing. It was great seeing them.

Over the years i have got to meet and become friends with lots of people out at fair. A lot of the people at the blacksmith area, the SCA dell, even many of the booth owners and runners. I dont see them but during ren fair every year, but the friendship never ends. Plus there are some of those people i would trust with my life. Thats how much i have got to know them. The same can be said about the people of the booth i work at. They are my family and friends. Getting to work for them is just a bonus. (more on my booth down the line)Not all of the people I have got to meet and become friends with over the years was rennies. Customers of the booth have sometimes have become friends as well.

But I find my self close to people i do not really know. Some of the street characters and acts are people i know, but have never really talked with them. I was really saddened by the death of Joe Kudla aka Thomas Snot of Puke and Snot. I had really only talked with him for a few minutes at most, yet his death hit me hard.

So ya, i can say people are part of the reason I come back every year. But I know they are not the only reason i come back year after year. I'm getting closer to the truth...


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Sep. 29th, 2013 03:57 pm (UTC)
I think the only thing I've been doing for 26 years is writing!
Sep. 30th, 2013 01:56 am (UTC)
its 26 years that i can tell. it might be longer...
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