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tails from Ren Fair week 5

"He is not allowed to get any tail." lady mentioning her dog wanted to chase the peoples tails out at fair, but not allowed to.

Nothing like a cold rain to pack in the crowds. Normally this would be a joke, but i found it to be true on Saturday. The rain did not scare any one away and they actually shopped. We was super busy on saturday, now mind you that it was not a normal 5th week end Saturday, but still was good. Sunday was super busy. So busy and packed that I was blocked out of the booth for a minute or two. I can't believe how freaking busy it was. Sold a few bison skulls, a lot of goat and deer. Plus sold some of the african antelopes skulls we had. Lots and lots of tails. A lot of people mentioned that we had the best shop for prices and selection. Thats always nice to hear. Lots of repeat customers.

Saw a lot of people out there,to which i got to say hi and then quickly get back to work. (You all know who you are so i will not list names) It was really good to see you all. I did have one visitor that I will mention. I do not know her name but i get a picture taken with her every year that she has made it to fair. A tradition we have been doing for 20 years or more. We had tried to figure it out. Some time in the 80's was the start. Good to see her.

Ah the costumes was out in force. Our booth did like one, it was a large animal skull mask with articulated jaw and glowing eyes. It was so cool looking. Lots of anime/cosplay out. One guy was dressed as Rufio from Hook. Lots of wigs this week end. Some to make the look of the character the person was to be others not so much. The foam rubber bouffant wig was interesting. No Dr. Who costumes this week. Since it was steampunk week end, lots of them. Oh and 3 furry costumes. (the high end ones)Interesting to see what some of the costumes people come up with. (tho for some it is their every day wear)

Had not seen one of the Ren Fair cats this year till this past week end. I wondered if they was out there or not. Come to think of it, had not seen the woodchuck either, but I dought its gone. To nice of a living area for it to move on. It's good to see the animals thrive out there. Only saw one bee this week end. This was a good thing.
We got the medallions for the booth this year. So up on the door way from the front to the back we placed the newest one on with the other. 18 of them in all, can't believe how many years we have been there. And thats the new booth. We was there in the old booth for a few years as well. Before we got the booth it was a knife shop called Angel swords. The area next to us that is now the Mermaid cove area was the place where the barbarians was, before that the fairies, and before that a rest area. The rest area was made after the large psychic booth was tore down, and that had been there for years as well.

A lot of the rest of the booths around us have changed over the years as well. We use to have a tree nest where the stage up the road from our booth. That tree nest was the "home" of Bevin the troll, and he had a deliver system attached to a pottery booth owned by Juhd, a wonderful potter that does great dragon mugs. She is still there, but the people next to her has changed. I have seen many things come and go out there. The blacksmith shop use to be in a different location, closer to the jousting area. The newer area is bigger and has a lot more people. They show how stuff was done back in the renaissance times. They have a large area that on Sunday mornings for church services. Some of the street singers go and sing with them. I know that where they are now was the booth i started at many years ago called fort termite. Oak Heart would move from fort termite to a new shop across the area from where it was. Now that shop is a clothing store. Next to the oak Heart booth use to be a drench a wench tank now it is a set of flush restrooms. The booth I work at now use to be up from there in a tent. Now that area is a sword booth.

In front of the back gate is a statue of St. George slaying a dragon. This use to be up at the front gate. The new Trade Winds area behind the joust use to be the camp grounds for the people. Oh so many people i use to be friends with use to live out there for all the weeks of ren fair out there. (cheaper than a hotel) A lot of people use to sleep in there booths, this was before we had live in booths out there. You could go all over the fair grounds and meet up with people sitting around drinking and just having a great time after a long days work. These days you dont travel very far from your own booth. Its dark out there and no one really stays out there. So many memories of good times out there.
I also remember the old actors parties out there, when people would spend some time and create a act to help entertain every one. The grounds would be filled with hundreds of people wondering around. You would see lots of people out there unwind and start to have some fun, different than their character they played. I kind of miss those parties.

These and lots of other memories are definitely part of the reason why I still do fair every year. but i can tell you there is a lot more.


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