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Tails from Ren Fair week 6

"you have the best priced tail around"-girl commenting on why she comes back to our booth for tails

Rain happened over night so it was a little damp when we opened on Saturday. Thankfully not as bad as it could have been, tho it did make it a little cooler for some. Sadly the weather didn't make the crowd to be a good one. For a 6th week end, it was a good 4th week end. if it had not been for some major skull sales, it would have been worse. I will say tho, the fur did fly as well on certain ones. Raccoon seemed to be the flavor of the day as well as natural coyote tails. A few people asked for fox again, but understood the price was so high that they are not worth buying.

As we wind up the year out at fest the people that have costumes love to come out in full force. That and the cooler weather make it easier to wear some of the thicker ones. I was beginning to wonder if it was furry day at the fair when I saw my 7th furry costume. Oh and the My Little Pony costume was back. Lots of other stuff. had a barbarian out there that was in a lot of nothing. A front loin flap, a leather bra, a cape, and shoes. It did look good on her and i must say the flesh tone panties she found worked for her pale coloring. She was warm tho, so she was handling the weather better than some of the others. if you can't stand the weather normally, dont think it will be better with less clothing on. One girl bought a coyote because she was so cold. (it went with her costume at least) Oh and a single Dr. Who costume. One of the ones i saw that did give me a chuckle was the Scottish Joker. i was disappointed in the sporran tho, i would of used a smily clown face.

Not only was it costume weekend it seems, it was hair week end. Lots of mohawk action out there. Some colored, some normal, and one almost gone. He did get credit for trying to keep his mohawk even tho he was almost bald. Lots more wigs for cosplay. They just had them on with just regular clothes, no costumes.

For dinner on saturday night we had some delicious pork steaks. So good. Afterwards we was going to the cast party/ Rescue charity auction. Well i say we was because by the end of dinner i was so dead that i decided to go to bed. (by that point i was up for 27 hours) i missed a great time I guess, but sleep was needed. Woke up at 4 in the morning when the owls decided to have a conference. So loud that the neighbors booth guest and my bosses went out to look to see what was wrong. For me, just a regular sound.

Got to see lots of friends this week end, to many to mention them all but they know who they are and loved to see you all. Thank you for stopping by.

I hate one thing about some of the people do when buying stuff out there from us. they tell us what they are doing with the item. This week end was one of those week ends. I heard more stuff than i should. the one that took and made me cringe was the lady and the buffalo skull. She spent some money on it. Huge old buffalo skull. Had a wonderful area that showed it had broken its nose and it had healed. Just a great looking skull, would look great on the wall of a western/native american decoration theme. Sadly the skull was going to be covered in broken mosaic tiles. Sad day. She bought it tho and can do what she wants, I just don't like knowing that the item will soon be ruined. Buy a skull blank and do that. They are avaliable to do such art...

may be why i do the ren fair year after year is because of the place its self. I have explored ren fair late at night. I have went to different parts of fair that no one else has been to. I like to see the behind the scene stuff of the stages. I liked seeing the booths around fair and how they changed. Of course this was then. over the last few years i have stopped really going away from the booth. The people i know and like are closer to the end of fair i am at. So the grounds might not be it. I have a feeling next weeks tails will have my answer to why i do this every year....



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