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Tails from Ren Fair week 7

"Oh!"- woman after touching the chinchilla fur. She shuddered when touching it, thought we should give her a cigarette afterwards. (she come back the next day to touch it again)

Last weekend of fair was a busy one. When I got to the booth a guy was walking away with a large sack of stuff. Turns out he had bought all of the $1 bone bag stuff and all of my $5 bone bag stuff. which meant that i didn't have any for the last week end. Next a friend come up and asked to see the $350 range of wolves. She was buying for a friend of hers. She would end up buying all 3 of them. This all before canon. Then the day started. Sold a lot of tails, and a lot of skulls from the wall. By the end of monday we was trying to figure out how to fill the wall and make it look full. Sold almost all the deer, sold all the goats, and some of the cool african antelopes we had. Had a lot of people buy up supplies for their own businesses. One guy was the owner of Brookside Toy & Science. So if you go to that shop over in Brookside, you will find that a lot of skulls and fur is from our booth. Oh and a lady that runs a place called Oracle up in the art district also bought some more stuff. (she had sold out of most of the stuff she bought a few weeks ago)

Got to see a lot of people out at fair this week end, more than normal. And way to many to mention here. But I got to say hi to you all. I really do thank you for stopping by and seeing me.

Well the last weekend means that it is the last time for many people to wear their costumes out to fair and they did just that. Oh ghod did they do that. Kids wore costumes to go trick or treating. But the adults wore theirs to just play. Saw a few Dr. Who, including a entire family that was dressed as a few of the different Doctors. Saw a guy that wore 2 bunny furs for a loin cloth and a cheap black cape with 2 fur bits on the shoulders, and roman sandals. looked funny next to the girlfriend that wore a princess costume. Lots of furries and anime costumes.

On saturday we had Mary the barbarian over for dinner. She was telling us about her area and what she did to improve on it. So I decided to go up there. It was weird to see the area. They are really trying to get people to go up there and the move of the barbarians seem to have done it. The area looks nice. i will say that the fact it was sunny and warm was a good thing. What really sucked was the fact it got cold when i got back to our booth. No sun light really gets to our booth.

One of our people that buys stuff from us showed up and had her bear in a basket. The lady had bought a bear face from us a few years ago and put it on a basket and it looks like it it is peaking out of it. A few weeks ago she had bought 2 bear paws from us and placed them on the basket. last week she bought a coyote skull and used it to make teeth for her bear. It looked really cool.

So why do I do ren fair still? To be truthful, it is because i enjoy it. I get to see people that I call friends, even make new ones each year. Plus I like to see the new items my shop gets and the new things the other shops carry. I love to see the repeat customers and what they have done with the things we sell. I like to hear how people only buy from our shop, or is the only reason they come out to fair. I love the people I work for and with. They are family. I have grown up out at fair. I was at the first ren fair and many after that and then I started to work out there. I have only missed one year out there.

I enjoy sharing my time out at fair with you. I hope you enjoy it as well.


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