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Tails from Ren Fair week 1

"I need a raccoon penis!"- very drunk guy asking for a raccoon baculum

Ny day started out early friday afternoon when i woke up at 4. This means i didn't sleep well so i was dead by 9 saturday night. But i did make it. We left early and got out to faire a little later than we had planned. First a fire had shut down the usual way to got out there so we took and had to go through the city. Where we got stopped by a train. after sitting for 7 minutes my dad decided to drive down and around. We had been told about a lady that was at the gate making people go around to another gate to get passes before she would let you in. Well no one was at the place she was sending them to. So needless to say we did a cut through and got in. Finally got to the booth and helped set up. We was missing things this year because it was either missing or was accidently forgotten. Thankfully we still had 95 percent of the stuff. The skull wall was filled with about half of the skulls being african antelopes. one which was the only 2nd one of those skulls the bosses had ever owned. All in all, we did have some kick ass stuff to sell. And sales was.... ok. Not the best week end and certainly not the worse. (worse being the opening weekend where they shut down early saturday, didn't open sunday and then opened on monday) I sold a lot of tails of course and a few skulls. Like i said it was a ok weekend.

ah the people. Each year people take and try to out do them selves with the costumes. One group of kids was doing the the lolita thing, tho i will say this was the first time I had seen male lolita outfits. (males dressed in male out fits, not males dressed in female outfits) very nicely done. the fun thing was they bought deer skulls and bagged fur at my end of the booth, and small skulls at the other end. 2 barbarian costumes (separate groups) caught the eyes of the people at the booth. One was a young man that had the build for the outfit and pulled it off very well. The other one was a young lady that the same could be said about her. She had strategically placed body paint that added to the costumes effect. This included red stripes on her but cheek that was partially covered. The young man didn't do much with decorating his body other than you could tell he worked out. Saw only one Doctor Who costume. Oh and i did see a Tauntaun barbarian costume. That was interesting enough to see. No one really had any interesting hair colors sad to say. Tho the booth did have some t-shirts we liked. In no certain order they was:
T-shirt 1: A astronaut helmet with a surgical mask with the words I'm no rocket surgeon
T-shirt 2: a dragon putting armor in to a recycling bin
T-shirt 3: Treble Maker with a large Treble Cleft on the front.

This tails i want to talk about the people that buy from us. We have the usual the ones that buy stuff every year. Most started when they was young and have grown up making there usual trip to ren faire to buy some thing. This year i heard more than once that the person had bought stuff from us since they was a small child. (one girl told me she had bought her first tail from me when she was 6 and now she is 22) We love repeat customers like that. We have some that also run a business that they sell stuff they buy from us. Which is always fun to see what they do with it.


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Sep. 5th, 2014 02:46 am (UTC)
I may actually get out to see you there this weekend! :)

The recycling armor t-shirt sounds cute. Hee!
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