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Tails from Ren Fair week 2

"Want to see your scrotums?" boss to one of the pouch makers

Got in a little earlier than regular, which was nice. Stuff was set up so i was ready to rock and roll for the day. Thats when I saw the giraffe bone. it was half the size of my body. Huge, and very heavy. The bone is about 3/4th of a inch to a inch thick. This would be easily carved. There is also a giraffe shoulder blade. Also a item that would be good to carve. it's funny tho, people are asking for cow bone to carve. Something that is not that easy to get. We also had some new skulls for the wall where the others had been bought last week end. We also have a few new tails for me as well. Speaking of tails, they have been going fairly ok, tho there is other places on the fair grounds that has them, we are the lowest price. i can't see paying $30 for a tail, especially with them being old when they buy them. (getting them out of New York which is stale inventory, more than 6 years old) We also sold more skulls, but more on that later.

We figure it was steampunk week end as there was more steam punk costumes than usual. I like steam punk, hell i did it before it was cool. but i must say i am starting to hate seeing the same thing over and over. hey look at my top hat that has a clock on it and a few transistor tubes. hey look at this jacket that i placed cogs on the collar. So when we saw a steampunk chef, I was happy. Army green chef outfit with a beater that was on a arm band that was punked up and a bandoleer of spices. Way cool. Saw a guy carrying around a steam punk guitar, not sure why as he was in jeans and a t-shirt. The guitar just didn't fit. We had a person dressed with a animal skull mask that had glowing purple eyes. I have seen this one at conventions, but never our booth. The bosses liked it. a few barbarians and a few Doctor Who characters. Nothing that really comes to mind as out standing. Tho the kid with the mohawk on sunday did stand out, or i should say up. His hair was 16 inches long and standing straight up. very impressive. Got to see a lot of friends, sadly some for only a few minutes others a little longer. So for those that stopped by great to see ya.

Some people are hard to get to make a choice on some thing. I have dealt with a few before. One guy took and was like that this week end, tho he was looking at some high end skulls. he finally bought a lichtenstein hartebeest, the 3rd one my bosses has had in the 20 some years they have been dealing with skulls. This guy had bought skulls from us last year and had gotten the bug, now he owns over 40 skulls. Some times we get the people that are easy, they just jump in the boat. One guy was just that way. He looked at the sheep skins and asked the price and said wrap the top one up he wanted it. then asked for beaver skins, and took one of the large ones from that fur ring. Pretty cool. One of the guys from a little place called Brookside toy and science store. He come to buy a few of our skulls and articulations. He bought about $500 bucks worth of really cool stuff to sell to the people. Jim is a nice guy and i recommend his store. (i also recommend another store in kc that buys from us called Oracle)

Oh and i mentioned the fact we sold more skulls. well this weeks interaction with customers has to deal with skulls and getting them out to your car. A young lady come up to our booth and asked for some help with gathering skulls she wanted to purchase. She bought all of our cow, and low end female bison skulls. 9 skulls together. Her and a friend was going to go out and do a quick run through of the fair and then come back to take them home. Boss asked if they had help to get them to the car and the girl said no she had garbage bags to carry them. Now think about this, she bought 9 skulls, all weighing about 3 or 4 pound each. they have sharp corners and fragile nose plates. So stuffing them in to a garbage bag is not a smart thing. But she did just that and then put the sack of skulls over her shoulder, making her self look like a demented form of santa. the skulls making stretching marks on the plastic. another girl come in on sunday and said that her friend was the one that bought all the skulls and was sent out to get some as well. Not sure how many she bought. but the other one had cleaned us out of the low end cow skulls, so she was buying some of the mid range cow skulls.


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