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Tails from Ren Fair week 3

"Well i guess i can stand out in the street and hold my magic fairy box." -boss having trouble with getting a signal to run the credit card machine.

Got out to fair. i tell ya, it was scary at times with the drive in. The fog was brutal on the bridge and we thought some thing was on fire at times. But got to the faire grounds. Set up was pretty much done when i got there so nothing really much till canon. Slow start for the day, then blam. We was busy pretty much the entire day. The skull wall sold down and even with all the skulls we had to replace on the wall, it was not enough. Half my skulls on the wall sold. For a 3rd week end it was pretty much a great one.

And the cool weather did not top people from coming out. got to see some old friends and new ones. it was good to see you all. (especially my friend Bethany on Saturday and Sherri on sunday) Stuff we sold, small bones to be used as ridges for a klingon kermit the frog, a old graduated string of amber beads (took the bead boss 7 years to piece it together while trying to find the ones for his own necklace) Fur for a husbands barbarian costume that the wife got him to agree to wear, and a zebra skull to the kansas city zoo.

The tails from ren faire are going to be different this week, i want to talk about some serious matters. The bosses got a call on friday from one of our booth and this was to be her last week end out at faire. She has some stuff she is dealing with and it is hard for her to be out there. She has decided to work on her self. It will be sad out there with out her, and i will admit there was tears when she left to go home. She means the world to our booth, and tho it kills us to see her go, we know it is best for her. Who knows, she might come back and will be welcomed with open arms.

Over the years I have seen people come and go out there. Some slipped out with out any notice, while others left a great big hole in every ones lives. So many things can take and cause them to leave. Death, illness, divorce, and so on. One set of crafters i remember was called the Pagan Lesbian Grandmas. They did cast silver jewelry out of animal skulls and other parts. One year the booth was gone and I found that one of them had died. Sadly the other one just could not come back and so we lost a great booth and a wonderful bunch of people.

I have seen a lot of friends come and go out there, as i mentioned before. it hurts some times to see them go. i know why they left, but it doesn't stop me from thinking about them. I don't leave the booth during the day, unless it is to go to the restroom because of crowds and such. I would how ever go out and see friends before canon. I don't do that any more really. I will visit some friends once a year but they are 4 or 5 booths away. I don't go out further because I am starting to see to many ghost out there. I can hear music play of groups gone by, see some of the many acts that use to be out there. See the many booths and stages that are no longer there.

Change happens, I know this, but it still hurts to see things go away. I worked at fort termite my first year out at faire. it was torn down the next year. But it still is in my memory. The music groups i took the kids i baby sat out at faire are no longer out there. No longer do you see a large nest in the trees made of rope for Bevin the troll to sit in. Oh so many other things.

Some day, I too will bid ren faire fair well. For some I will be but a small memory. to others i will be missed as i was a regular item to there every day life. heck some adults have told me that they bring there kids to buy tails at our booth because I sold them there tails when they was younger. For now i still work out there, love to see my friends, and sell the tails


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Sep. 15th, 2014 03:42 pm (UTC)
I fondly remember the Pagan Lesbian Grandmas. So sad. So many wonderful traditions; I just learned from Duane Peters that people have stopped going to Evergreen after faire. I was literally stunned! I can't imagine going to faire and NOT going to Evergreen afterward. I'm sure they're upset and wondering what happened to the wonderful post-faire patronage that they used to get. So I'm going on a mini-campaign to try to change that. I just can't imagine....

I haven't been to faire yet but am coming out on Saturday with the Brittanis invasion; will be looking differently than you've ever seen me look before.
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