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Tails from Ren Fair week 4

Week 4

"I have no idea they could get that big." Lady talking about the roe deer skull for sale.

Saturday was warm so every one was out. Thankfully we had a large amount of new skulls for the skull wall and new tail chains. I would go through them by the end of the week end. We got to the parking area by the back gate and the lot was full of cars. The park across the street is used by a bunch of schools as a place to do a track meet. And there is usually around 1,000 cars and buses in the parking area. woof thats a lot of people taking up space. We got in and parked finally and i was on my way.

To say the booth was busy is a understatement. i think it was one of the busiest days/weekends we have had in a while. Besides being busy it was just weird because people was buying in bulk. i had one girl ask if she could get a discount if she bought more than one tail at a time. Normally this in my end of the booth stands for i want a tail at full price and the next one for 50% off. Not going to happen. She understood the mark up on the tails is not that big so took and was ok with out the discount. tho she did surprise me with the amount she did go with. She was actually one tail short of being a whole sale order. I sold a wolf hide to one customer and thought, there was the wolf sale for the week end. Nope. The second boss sold 2 to a couple of gals and the boss took and sold 2 to one lady. She was able to sell the large wolf that was $800. that was 5 wolves in a 4 hour period basically. The second boss has sheep skins and had brought down some of the last cheap sheep he has. normally the amount of the shags he brings will last through all of fair. Nope. He had people buying them in groups of 2 and 3. He will be bringing down the last half dozen of his shag sheep skins this coming week end. A few other items sold that well through out saturday and was shocking.

Scottish week end was the theme or so I figured because of the amount of kilts. This meant that I had all my regulars that come in for the week end. i have a few gay couples that come and buy bones for their Halloween displays or tails for their costumes. the one guy has bought a tail a year and is now up to 10 tails. He wears them all at once but does so in a way it looks normal and not like he is wearing a shirt. Saw a few furries including a bloody werewolf. A few doctor who people, including one darlek dress. I think the girl that took and stood out the most was the one I saw on Saturday morning. Short black and white schoolgirl skirt and a black bra with skulls over it. Then she had on a large fox tail. now ormally the people have them on on the out side of a skirt. Nope she had it on under it. Not sure if it was on the inside of her skirt or on her panties.

A lot of people stopped by the booth to see me out at fair and i was glad to see them all. So for you that stopped by, great to see ya. On Saturday night we had Mary Hill and Morgan from the Barbarian sword group over to have supper. it was good to see them. Then they left and Kent come by and we talked with him. i finally went to bed at 9:30 and slept through the rain that happened. I was dead to the world.

One person that stopped by was the young lady that has been getting her picture taken with me for years. i was young when i first got my picture taken with her. now her daughter, the oldest one, took and had turned 19 and joined the navy. wow time flies.

On Sunday i took and did a quick turn around the fair grounds. A lot of stuff different and some still the same. Was amazed to see some of the new stuff up at the front. And that will be my last to see them since I do not travel out of my area that often. i have only one place i will go to other than to see my friend Jude and that will be t'ger toggs. i need to price the skull tights i saw on my way back to the booth.

The boss and i was talking on sunday night as i was leaving. She said to have a great a less stress full week than we had over the week end. We then both agreed that the week end was the less stressful job. Yes we was busy but for the most part but We find the other jobs in our life to be stressful. I can actually say that i do faire because it relaxes me. yes things get hectic, but it is fun for me. tho leaving the booth is stressful for me. last week i had the following conversation with a customer. She looked at me and said

Lady: "your from around here arn't you?"
Me: "yes"
L: "you work at the walmart in Independence."
L: "You look happier out here."

And it is true. I am happier to be out there. Well till next week, keep your tails dry.


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