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Halloween or Hallowe'en [hal-uh-ween, -oh-een, hol-] noun
1.the evening of October 31; the eve of All Saints' Day; All hallows Eve : observed especially by children in costumes who solicit treats, often by threatening minor pranks.

This is the simplest definition of Halloween. Tho there is more to it than just that. But thats not what i am here to talk about. Halloween has always been a part of my life. I have dressed in costumes every year as far as I can remember. We use to have Halloween parties at our house.The cousins and some of the other kids on the street would come over and we would play games and then go out to trick or treat. I also went to my 2 different aunt's churches that held halloween parties. One giving away candy for you repeating a bible verse, then you went out to a large fire and sang some songs before being sent home. The other was just kids being jacked up on sugar while the adults had a worship service.

I remember getting tootsie roll ghost, carmel apples, and many other things in my sack at Halloween. We either made our costumes or got to pick up some of the store bought ones. The store bought was plastic mask with the apron telling the folks who you was. Once i hurt my back and could not go out. That didn't stop my Halloween fun. I gave out the Halloween candy that year. I am the one that gives it out now. I watch spooky movies on tv while waiting around for the next group of kids.

So why do i love this time of year?It makes me happy. (tho there is more to it than that, but to put it in simple terms) It brings back so many memories. Carving of jack-o-lanterns, getting dressed up and being taken around the street to see the neighbors to gather a large amount of sugary goodies. Being some one you are not. I was Casper, I was a mountain man, i was a hobo, I was many things.

As i got older and started working in retail, I would be the first person to open Halloween at our stores, often buying the first item of the year. Large plastic blow mold decorations would fill the aisle and i just marveled at the stuff. I would get the Halloween packet and open it to find out what was new every year. They tried to hide it from me, but I took and would find it every year.


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